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  1. No issues starting the engines dozens of times since buying the aircraft. Today, with APU running, neither 10th nor 14th stage buttons ever lit up, and I don't know why. I even tried with an air compressor and verifies good air supply from that or APU, but it's as if teh valves would not open. One-off glitch fixed with new airframe or something else?
  2. Ok thanks. I completed the flight but then got a CTD during shutdown, log attached. Will try a new airframe. Log.txt
  3. 1. Departed KBJC 33R 2. Rotated, commanded gear up 3. Started right turn and CTD Log.txt
  4. CTD occurred on descent into Vancouver from the west On autopilot, VNAV and NAV I (believe) I was switching form VNAV to V/S when the CTD happened Log.txt
  5. Thank you both for the information and the video. I completely misunderstood the system, but have it now figured out and replenished oil.
  6. Over multiple flights I have been watching the oil quantity decrease on the engine state screen. Even though I fill it up with cold engines before a flight and the indication there shows full. It finally got to the point where I had to shut down the left engine during descent on the recent flight because it's nearly empty and went red. After landing, the quantity on the oil replenishment screen showed full. Is this a bug?
  7. Interesting...it sounds like I messed myself up here at some point. Thanks, I will give that a shot on my next flight!
  8. ATS used to work, for some reason no more. I reset it to remove the Fail message, then before takeoff press the TOGA buttons for flight director pitch command and then the ATS button. But the green lights don't come on and ATS stays disengaged. That procedure used to work, maybe there has been a change I'm not aware of.
  9. My ATS has not been working for some time, and I just now notices under the Study panel that all ATS related items simply show PID reset. Meaning?
  10. Just adding that I also cannot get ATS to engage. It worked great for many flights and stopped working a week or so before the 1.1 update.
  11. After using ATS successfully on may flights under version 1.0, I seem to have lost the ability to engage ATS altogether. I follow the checklist and always received TO N1. If there was a fail, I clicked the ATS disengage button I have mapped to my joystick. I can still clear the FAIL, but when pressing ATS button (before or after TOGA switch with or without FD showing), I never get the green lights on either side of the ATS anymore. I end up flying with manual throttle, which works fine as well. But I'm wondering if anything changes on the system, even before version 1.1?
  12. On this topic, is there a post detailing the various failure modes? I lost IRS mid-flight (5 hours flight..) the other day and...that was interesting :-) Curious what else can go wrong (I'm guessing just about anything).
  13. Setting takeoff V speeds used to work. Now, after pressing send and speeds turning magenta, for a second or two, I get VSpeeds Deselected error every time and they are not transferred.
  14. I'm also getting the rejected message. Triple checked simbrief number is good, cleared out previous flight, no joy. After generating the plan on SB, is there another step? Does my subscription need to be current? I ensure I get a green "Your route is valid for AIRAC XXXX" first since I have an outdated database.
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