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  1. On this topic, is there a post detailing the various failure modes? I lost IRS mid-flight (5 hours flight..) the other day and...that was interesting :-) Curious what else can go wrong (I'm guessing just about anything).
  2. Setting takeoff V speeds used to work. Now, after pressing send and speeds turning magenta, for a second or two, I get VSpeeds Deselected error every time and they are not transferred.
  3. I'm also getting the rejected message. Triple checked simbrief number is good, cleared out previous flight, no joy. After generating the plan on SB, is there another step? Does my subscription need to be current? I ensure I get a green "Your route is valid for AIRAC XXXX" first since I have an outdated database.
  4. Your have a sharp eye! It was wrong for about 10-15 minutes until I read it again, corrected it and added the chart.
  5. I think we are saying the same thing - faster when heavy, slower when lighter. I took a look at the CL650 SAR Chart a while ago and the LRC line did not quite make it to M0.77 at heaviest weight and was significantly lower than that at lightest weight. I just bought the aircraft yesterday and only have four flights under my belt so far, but great to hear LRC can be maintained via FMS! More to discover.
  6. Note that to fly LRC, you will need to decrease speed as you get lighter in weight, which is counter a constant Mach required on NATs, for example. A Q400 SAR chart I found online. Note the red line showing decreasing KTAS with decreasing weight (from bottom to top).
  7. For AI, you would typically engage that when SAT is 10C or colder and you are in/near moisture (clouds, fog). Aircraft performance data with CAI or WCAI on is typically limited to 10C. If you run it when warmer, you rob precious thrust (=performance) and may overheat things.
  8. They have their reasons. One aspect is that aircraft performance data is a commodity and also provides insight to the (very competitive) performance characteristics of an aircraft. Plus, there is likely a liability issue as these manuals are strictly controlled with revision levels as they are updated. TL;DR: you need to buy a jet to go to ground school at Flight Safety, SimCom etc to obtain a manual. They are not just handed out. Although you might be able to buy an uncontrolled copy from Bombardier for (guessing) a few thousand USD for personal use. But uploading that to the internet f
  9. On business jets, you will typically climb and descend at a specific speed schedule. Example, 250/300/M0.78 means you start your climb at constant 250 KIAS until reaching 10000 ft (speed limited to 250 KIAS below 10000 ft), then pitch nose down to accelerate to 300 KIAS, then hold 300 KIAS until you reach the crossover altitude where 300 KIAS matches Mach 0.78 (high 20s, low 30s altitude, depending on the speed pair). At that point, you toggle to Mach hold and climb a constant Mach to your cruise altitude. You can achieve this by using the FLCH (Flight Level Change), which should hol
  10. Stick with Simbrief. I've done some comparison with ForeFlight performance calculations and they are very close between one another (and ForeFlight is based on the full Bombardier performance datasets). In general, the higher the better, unless unfavorable winds work against you (lower fuel flow and better KTAS up higher). If you're pushing max range, you might not be able to cruise at the highest flight level initially and will need to level off prior, and then step-climb up higher when lighter. Basically if you're struggling to get to your desired altitude, you're likely hot/heavy. Cruise lo
  11. Jet manufacturers typically do not allow the AFM and QRH manuals to be published online for anyone to use. I have a copy of the real manuals through work (and no, I can't pass it along...). What has been provided by Hotstart is sufficient.
  12. I just purchased the aircraft, but it's not an option in the XP 11 aircraft menu, even when I filter to Hotstart studio.
  13. I just updated to the latest (1.1.18) after some time of not flying. I don't see throttle friction control on the pedestal anymore. Gone for good, or just moved?
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