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Found 6 results

  1. As the title suggest, when i load the aircraft, is bugged for some reason. All started this morning, and when the load endend, this is what i saw: (see the image attached) I don't know why. I can't use the aircraft, i can't walk inside or around and all of the systems don't work.
  2. I have about 100 hour on my hot start TBM I recently updated to 11-50 for a trial and after about a day of operation, realized I had lost a number of aircraft features, particularly light reflective attributes. Turns out the I don’t see any reflection on the angle of attack screen, the lower screen lights up and seems to be working properly but I see nothing in the pivoting screen, which I am also unable to lower or adjust the angle in any way. Also all lighting is not reflecting on anything. If I turn on the landing/ taxi or any interior or exterior lights while the bulbs appear to turn on when looked at directly, they do not actually light anything up, leaving me unable to see at night. The only lighting effect that works is the restate internal lighting. I restored my system to the stable 11-41, but nothing has been corrected. I have played with the graphics settings which are all fairly low as I am operating on a 2019 MacBook Pro with everything maxed but nothing seems to correct this issue. I tried reinstalling everything in the same directories including the aircraft, but it is still using the old config file so that must be where the issue lies - I’m looking for some insight into what can cause this issue as I ‘m sure it is a very simple fix that I just don’t know about. I am prepared to do a complete new install of everything in a new directory if necessary, but would prefer to retain my current info so would do that as a last resort.
  3. Hello IXEG Team, I did a fresh complete reinstall of your addon. Now with latest X-Plane 11.32 R2 i noticed 3 issues now. 1) Autopilot Settings (displays) revert back to digit 0, when i enter for example 10.000 feet. 2) beacon lights (exterior) wrong flashing 3)Flap Indicator not moving 4) Flaps not moving Are you aware of that or am I the only one who experience this strange behaviour? Thanks a lot. Kind regards, Tom
  4. Hi, I was trying to fly the saab 340 but when I loaded it the gizmo console popped up with this error. Gizmo64: debug: XPL: gizmo_Restart() Gizmo64: debug: Firmware v14.11.26.0526 Gizmo64: debug: X-Plugins OBJ8 Loader v15.01.11 Gizmo64: debug: * gxt.refresh().. Gizmo64: debug: gxt: AutoLoading.. Gizmo64: debug: * Autoload Level 1: Gizmo64: debug: gxt.load: Console Gizmo64: debug: gxt.load: ToolTray Gizmo64: debug: * Autoload Level 2: Gizmo64: warng: gxt.load: ErrorReport: FAILED: ext_info is nil, bad link? Gizmo64: debug: gxt.load: HotFix Gizmo64: warng: gxt.load: MapHarness: FAILED: ext_info is nil, bad link? Gizmo64: debug: gxt.load: Mute Gizmo64: debug: gxt.load: Preferences Gizmo64: warng: gxt.load: Profiler: FAILED: ext_info is nil, bad link? Gizmo64: debug: gxt.load: RebootButton Gizmo64: warng: gxt.load: Scope: FAILED: ext_info is nil, bad link? Gizmo64: warng: gxt.load: ShaderStudio: FAILED: ext_info is nil, bad link? Gizmo64: debug: gxt.load: Shell Gizmo64: warng: gxt.load: Tripod: FAILED: ext_info is nil, bad link? Gizmo64: warng: gxt.load: WorkBench: FAILED: ext_info is nil, bad link? Gizmo64: warng: gxt.load: WX: FAILED: ext_info is nil, bad link? Gizmo64: debug: gxt.load: XA_Activation Gizmo64: debug: * Autoload L3: Gizmo64: debug: gxt: Autoload complete. Gizmo64: warng: Community Edition. Gizmo64: debug: XPL: Completed gizmo_Restart()
  5. Good Morning, I recently purchased your Saab 340A, and I'm experiencing some issues. By the way, currently using X-Plane 11.10b2. 1st and the main one: the engines are not starting. I tried manual start up with the interactive checklists, manual start up using youtube tutorials and the automatic start up of the aircraft; always the same result: engine rpm rises, engine Temp rises to about 40 deg and stays there forever... no fuel flow, no torque rising... so no engine start. 2nd Cannot manipulate the course 2 knob. Getting an error message. 3rd Cannot bind the condition lever with my saitk throttle cuadrant. In the aircraft documents states that a Gizmo menu should be used to do that, but that menu does not appear in my gizmo toolbar. If anyone knows how to solve these problems would be really helpfull thanks a lot
  6. Dear all, is there a problem with the support site? Are requests getting through? I have been trying to get a reset request processed but have not even received an acknowledgement after two weeks. I have the Saab 340a and my old installer v1.1 throws errors during installation, and although it finishes, it produces non-functional controls. I have assumed the installer was outdated and tried to download the latest version (1.3?) but the link has expired (displaying 2 more downloads still available). What would you advise as the best way to move forward with this?
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