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  1. Good Morning, I recently purchased your Saab 340A, and I'm experiencing some issues. By the way, currently using X-Plane 11.10b2. 1st and the main one: the engines are not starting. I tried manual start up with the interactive checklists, manual start up using youtube tutorials and the automatic start up of the aircraft; always the same result: engine rpm rises, engine Temp rises to about 40 deg and stays there forever... no fuel flow, no torque rising... so no engine start. 2nd Cannot manipulate the course 2 knob. Getting an error message. 3rd Cannot bind the condition lever with my saitk throttle cuadrant. In the aircraft documents states that a Gizmo menu should be used to do that, but that menu does not appear in my gizmo toolbar. If anyone knows how to solve these problems would be really helpfull thanks a lot
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