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  1. Look at what I wrote above. You need to revert to the non beta version of X-Plane. We'll probably have to wait until Gizmo is updated before doing further X-Plane updates if you want to be flying the Saab.
  2. Issue is with X-Plane 11.20b4. Reverting to 11.11 fixed the activation issue. However I discovered something worth mentionning: I'm on a multi monitor setup where I only use my left monitor for X-Plane and can't get the hover menu to appear on the right. Changing display to put X-Plane on the right most display allows the menu to appear. This could be fixed for me by moving it to the left edge? Also the menu is very small on 4k monitors. It's expected to not scale correctly? Most plugins have this issue as well. At least it's usable now. Am I the only one who identified this hover menu issues?
  3. TItan X not that weird I hope lol. Thanks for that fast reply btw! Log.txt
  4. Hello, I just purchased the Saab 340 and can't activate it. X-Plane 11.20b4 & Win10 (latest) Attached is the GizmoLog a screenshot of what it looks like in the sim. Looking in the forums I couldn't find any similar issues. Also can't click anything on the Gizmo menus (due to activation I guess?) Here's what I tried so far: Installed FlyWithLua (Normally I don't have it either) Updated Gizmo from here (found it on their FB page) https://www.dropbox.com/s/aa01uo781dihgf0/Gizmo64.plugin- Contacted LES on FB and they sent me here. Okidoo let me know if I should try something else. CL GizmoLog.txt
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