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  1. Ok, I think I have managed to resolve the issue. Here's how: 1. Uninstalled SMP 2.1 2. Opened X-Plane 3. Switched airport (from the initial LGMK to LGAV) 4. Closed X-Plane 5. Installed SMP 2.1 6. Opened X-Plane (no crash this time) 7. Switched back to LGMK (no crash) BR, Lefteris
  2. Hello, I have just upgraded from SMP v2.0 to SMP v2.1. Although v2.0 was working well, as soon as I upgraded I cannot start X-Plane since it crashed to desktop. I tried a full uninstall of SMP v2.1 and update of X-Plane to revert to original textures. X-Plane started fine. Then I re-installed SMP v2.1 and CTD again (at startup). Attached is the log.txt in case it is needed. UPDATE: Now the log should be attached Log.txt Thanks, Lefteris
  3. Sure, my driver version is the latest NVidia Release GeForce 340.52 A screenshot of the rendering settings is below. Thanks
  4. Hello, I am facing the following really strange behavior. I set X-Plane to full screen mode and performance is rather poor (at ~20fps). I set X-Plane to Windowed mode, with the window maximized. The performance is exactly the same. Fianlly, I reduce just a notch the size of the window (so that the borders of the window are visible). The performance is boosted in a big way to 45fps - without altering any other rendering settings. I cannot understand this. I read somewhere that even at full screen, X-Plane is running in windowed mode from a drivers perspective, with the window decorations hidden. This would explain why in full screen mode and in maximized window the performance is the same. However, why is there such a huge performance gain with the window decorations shown, but a tiny change in the window size? My configuration is: CPU: i7 4770k GPU: NVidia GTX770 RAM: 16GB Below are some screenshots: Window with border: Window Maximized: Full screen: Thanks
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