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Strange performance issue - window decorations


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I am facing the following really strange behavior.


I set X-Plane to full screen mode and performance is rather poor (at ~20fps).

I set X-Plane to Windowed mode, with the window maximized. The performance is exactly the same.

Fianlly, I reduce just a notch the size of the window (so that the borders of the window are visible). The performance is boosted in a big way to 45fps - without altering any other rendering settings.


I cannot understand this.


I read somewhere that even at full screen, X-Plane is running in windowed mode from a drivers perspective, with the window decorations hidden. This would explain why in full screen mode and in maximized window the performance is the same. However, why is there such a huge performance gain with the window decorations shown, but a tiny change in the window size?


My configuration is:


CPU: i7 4770k

GPU: NVidia GTX770



Below are some screenshots:


Window with border:



Window Maximized:



Full screen:





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I can't reproduce this on my rig. No idea what this is related to.


Steps that I would take:

0. Reduce texture resolution and check again.

If that doesn't do the trick

1. Update X-Plane with latest installer.

2. Move preferences to another place (don't delete them - so you can move them back again)

3. Move Plugins... (s.o.)

3. Start X-Plane and see if that helps

If not:

4. Install an older WHQL driver, leave everything at default and see if that helps.

5. Have a cup of tea


Good Luck


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