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  1. Hello, I cant download the Saab 340A from my Order History. There is no link anymore it just says 'Take Command!: Saab 340A' however you cant press it. Before you were able to press it and the download started
  2. I checked it with the 2d panel of the throttle. I have a red line at flight idle wich stops the throttle to go below it. The green bars, which display my hardware throttle are already at full reverse however the throttle in the planes is still at flight idle.
  3. I have some weird issues with the throttle. Before taking off I can move it with my hardware throttle the full range from reverse to full power however after touchdown I don‘t get them below flight idle.
  4. Hello, since I updated to Windows 10 I have some weird FPS issues. When I load a Aircraft than I get around 35 FPS (in EDDB) after I did a little Testflight around EDDB and landed again at EDDB my FPS were gone. I changed nothing in the Rendering Options. Both screenshots were taken at the same airport. My setup: i7 4770k @ 4.3 Ghz, Gtx 980, 8gb Ram
  5. Lets change the main language to german haha In Berlin it's 10:26 am now
  6. Germany ist gut vertreten hier sehe ich
  7. Ich hoffe es gibt Wlan bei Mc's ich mein sonst musst du dein Datenvolumen verschwenden während du die ganze zeit das Forum refreshst Guten Hunger
  8. Grüße aus Berlin nach Rostock Ich denk mal es dauert nicht mehr lange
  9. Let's hope that this was a little test and they release it in the next minutes
  10. I refreshed the website and the line 'This product will be in stock on Saturday 23 Apritl, 2016' was away. Then I refreshed again and it was there again
  11. No it isnt. Sorry the line ` This product will be in stock on Saturday 23 April, 2016. ' was away for a short time
  12. Haha I am waiting 3 years now and the day where you guys are releasing it i am actually in an 737NG Full Flightsimulator
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