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  1. Hi, Can X-Aviation Hot Start TBM 900 owners please advise about the fps performance of this plane with 3 monitors (3x 1920x1080) ? My conf: i7 6700K - 16GB RAM - GTX 1070 8GB I've been reading posts of people telling about max of 30fps and sometimes much less, I guess with single monitor. If that is true it can go to 15 or even less with 3 monitor configuration. Of course using Synthetic Vision. Makes no sense to use this plane without Synthetic Vision, just because there are other cheaper options then. I really want to buy this plane, but not to waste my money if it i
  2. Hi, I'm very interested to buy this plane, looks amazing, but I had read several complains about FPS performance. My configuration is i7 + GTX 1070 + 16GB Ram... and 3 monitors @ 1920x1080. I have 30 to 40 FPS with some of the planes using the 3 monitors but some other planes drop to 20-25. Due the complexity of the TBM 900 my concern is to have less than 20 FPS. Can anyone with similar configurations advise? Thank you so much!
  3. Hi, I followed your recombination and I have to say that I'm very impressed with this plane. I enjoyed a lot and now its one of my favorites. I want to write a small review here just to try to add my two cents (requests) for this or next version: 1. Sounds: not bad but I think too "loopy". There is a set in the forum Mitsubishi_MU2_real_sounds.zip but seems not to work in 1.9 version. In my opinion bit better sound will make this plane just incredible. 2. Exterior design: Exterior design and textures could be also a bit better. Since I flight in 3D cockpit all the time exte
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