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  1. FIXED....using the Gizmo updater was all that was needed. All licenses were updated. Thanks for the trouble.
  2. I just found the Gizmo updater I had saved on my PC. Running it now.
  3. As requested, sorry I didn't think of this when I first posted. Log.txt
  4. I hadn't flown XP11 in a couple month (wrote a book instead), fired up XP, saw there was an update. Completed the update, launched XP, says v11.53....and all my X-Titivation products seen to need activation. Gismo says its failed, all product license updates fail. I actually don't have a clue where to start. Please help.
  5. Perhaps a bit off topic but a great Segway to this.... While true that some of us have "ancient" OS's. Remember Cameron, there may be, might be, could be, perhaps other reasons that "some of us" are still running Win7....remember in life, never assume anything. That sometimes things are not what they seem. You know the old saying, when one assumes something, it makes an ASS out of U and ME. Just to add to this discussion. Never assume for instance that I for one haven't tried to update to Win10. Which I did try twice!. On my system if failed, miserably. I could not get a succes
  6. I have this same issue. I got my update for the Saab340, did the uninstall of the old version and then reinstall. Loaded up the plane and it craps out. Everything and every plane were working just fine prior to this update....and for me this was a monster issue just a short while ago until I found a conflict with another piece of software. I have not checked other planes but I sure hope this has not affected all the others. I can only express how disappointed I am. I will go back into this thread and try the stuff mentioned.
  7. I will wait patiently! Any day now would be fine.
  8. I found this thread intriguing. Why? Because I am having what I would call slow or inadaquate response to a ticket about an activiation issue. I submitting my support request on Fri. I did get a response on Mon, I guess took the weekend off. I then got a question to which I answered. Although the question was weird because it was exactly what I said in the support submission. So here I sit wondering when do I expect a response, solution or anything from X-Aviation? I would have thought once a support request was given a ticket # and a response that we would see the issue thr
  9. Gees, I do own products. OK I will do the update.
  10. Sorry for my ignorance. Can someone please tell me, what is gizmo, what does it do and why do I need it? Bryan
  11. I would not think Win7 would be the issue, but then again I'm not an expert on the inticacies of operating systems. It is excessive, so much so that its useless for me. I could handle 5 minutes. I actually did a scan of my log.txt and see a plug in "rendering option V2" was a problem. So I'm removing it, I'm doing the most recent XP11 update and will see how that works. I will provide a log text once I give the update a try. I can see the rendering options plug it was not working and not loading and this could have easily been the issue. Bryan
  12. I bought this yesterday. I loaded up a flight, I set to fall textures, the load time was very very long as has been reported...mine about 10 minutes. I did a short flight. I liked the results without getting too picky. I then loaded in a new flight out of Orbx Manchester...the sim textures loading thing came on..and it took forever to do nothing it just stalled....after some 20 minutes or more I just shut down the sim. And rebooted. And then tried to load in Manchester from a cold reboot...the sim loaded normally but the texture were back to summer. So I clicked the change to fa
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