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  1. Everything worked out, thank you very much for your help!
  2. Hello and very sorry, but I had to reinstall my new windows 10 again. After resetting, I wanted to run the simulator. the GIZMO plugin asked me to re-enter the registration data. I enter and he asks me to do something, I don't understand what When I write the name that I remember, the activation does not occur. What should I do? 1. After starting the simulator, I see such a window 2. After entering the data, I see this 3. I write the name that I remembered during the last activation and I get this window I don't understand what I need to do Forgive me for this
  3. I entered an arbitrary name and everything worked without any questions. Thanks for the help!
  4. I have updated windows to version 10. After entering the data, GIZMO asks for the name of the machine. What should I write here? I'm sorry, I'm just afraid to make a mistake. Thanks!
  5. Okay, I went to the store for a box with a new OS
  6. And with the transition to win10, do you guarantee correct operation?
  7. If you need more information, I am ready to provide
  8. This is sad for me, since there is no financial opportunity to buy a new OS
  9. This is amazing. How can this affect? I already thought about antivirus, but no(
  10. I understand you, I jelly myself. It's just that after successful activation I decided to manually go through the reactivation and now this is the problem (((( 1. Running the simulator after installation: 2. I enter my registration data: 3. After clicking activate: 4. After a couple of seconds it returns to the activation window P.S. Now Saab and SMP not works(
  11. 1. I completely deleted all the projects in x-aviation. 2. Downloaded the new SMP v5.0.6 installer. 3. Launched the program x-plane 11.52 4. Entered the registration, pressed enter data and I get such a window Saab 340 did not install. I can’t use SMP, please take a look at the solution to this ridiculous problem Maybe this is due to the fact that I have Windows 7???
  12. After reinstalling the SMP v5.0.6 the GIZMO plugin is not activated. Please help me with this problem.
  13. After reinstalling SAAB 340, the activation of the GIZMO plugin does not work again Why GIZMO plugin swears at the lack of a SMP V5 license???
  14. I mean re-activation. By clicking on this button
  15. why can't I update my license manually?
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