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  1. May I receive a discount for SkyMaxx Pro v4? I am an owner of the SkyMaxx Pro v3. Ticket #XS9W0
  2. После обновления RWC на versiyu1.1, есть XPL10.SkyMaxx Pro3.3.2 выезд SkyMaxx Pro: SkyMaxx Pro: Parsing METAR data --=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: SkyMaxx Pro}==- XPL10 isn't started now. Way of the faulty module: I:\Games\X-Plane 10\Resources\plugins\SilverLining\64\win.xpl Log.txt
  3. Guys, what to do? When updating such mistake gets out. I apologize, with English badly.
  4. Cameron when the problem with activation is solved? ticket#I3D3O.Thanks for the explanation


  5. Dear, I sell the knowledge and hands there where I work. And buyers will not suffer marriage or defects in my goods. It is necessary to bear responsibility that you sell.
  6. Можно ждать еще шесть лет, что там.
  7. I pay money for serviceable goods. You buy defective goods in shop.?
  8. In six years it was possible to make the real plane. For such money to a prodyota hack-work.
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