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  1. OK update to this: problem solved. I cannot say exactly what it was as I did a complete re-installation keeping my aircraft and custom scenery of course. Starting from scratch I now have everything working as expected. And I do prefer ASXP to FSGRW. Now I can see this:
  2. I have now switched to ASXP to see if its any better with SMP and RWC. I have RWC set to the correct option. Now my question is why I never see overcast skies. asxp shows: X-Plane correctly shows this: but with SMP and RWC I see: and if I disable both SMP and RWC (simply by deselecting them using the plugins menu in x-plane, and therefore using ASXP directly through X-Plane) I see the weather I expect to see: I have played around with SMP settings for cloud types, cloud coverage, overcast and other cloud textures all to no avail. I lik
  3. this was with x-plane real weather only. I had disabled all other except the real weather connector (selected for x-plane real weather).
  4. XP11.52r1 windows10 i9-10900 RTX2080 >40fps I liked v5 when it was released for the volumetric clouds. I have a problem whereby FSGRW reported weather does not show up correctly (reported elsewhere) and now during a flight over Norway (without FSGRW - using X-Plane real weather) the clouds have become visible in rectangular clumps with unrealistic edges. Any ideas what might cause this?
  5. will this require a new upgrade to real weather connector or will we be able to stay with the one we have? And will FSGRW still work? Any idea on pricing yet?
  6. I've been using SkyMaxxPro and real weather connector for along time, and really like the clouds. I am now also getting the real weather from FS Global Real Weather and my problem is that the weather as described in FSGRW is input into skymaxx via realweatherconnector but never quite what is described in FSGRW. Thats especially true of overcast and rainy days. Can you suggest the best settings to use to display FSGRW weather reports in SMP please? Gary
  7. Thank you very much for the suggestion - I will give it a go and report back. Just tried and it worked. Solved my problem. My old CHProducts joystick has had a lot of work over the last ten years, and even replace two potentiometers in 2011. May be time to consider a new one. Or more pots Thanks again Gary
  8. Anyone have the problem with autopilot vertical modes in X-Plane 11.32 that neither altitude hold nor vertical speed mode can be engaged? Checking this forum I see that some problems have been reported for autopilt modes, but not specifically this. I am running XP11.32 on MacOSX 10.13.6 and everything seems to work except these two modes. Speed using autothrottle, heading hold and NAV mode (FMS) are all fine. Just the vertical thats a problem.
  9. I currently use an iMac running 10.11.6, X-Plane 11.25 and the latest version of the Saab 340A (1.5.1). Ever since I first downloaded the plane it has given what appear to be random errors during startup or during flight. Sometimes an engine would stop. Very often the nosewheel steering fails to engage. Engines fail to start because the props are freewheeling in a light breeze. I have tried to sort it out by turning off various addons and hardware I have (CH products flight stick, throttle quadrant, pedals, TrackIR) to no avail. Unfortunately I cannot get the plane to run on my setup. Today I
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