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  1. I had a lot of crashes with the TBM initially, that was shortly after it came out and surely has evolved since then, but I discovered that for example a combination of the TBM, Shortfinal EDDM and World Traffic 3 made my sim crash reliably. But it also happened with other aircraft occasionally, so I suspected World Traffic to be the root cause. I have gotten rid of World Traffic completely and nowadays using Traffic Global. I have not had much problems in the past 2 years, despite maybe a handful of crashes but really, that can happen with any aircraft. Most of the times it's a Windows issue, big Windows updates loading in the background are likely to cause this for example. I've learned to tame down my enthusiasm to constantly improve my sim with the next best addon and that stabilized my sim experience a lot. My priority is now to enjoy excellent aircraft models like the TBM or also the Torquesim SR22 with just a few additional add ons like Traffic Global, Avitab and Orthoscenery. And I couldn't be happier with the outcome. (ok, I have to admit I can't wait for the new weather in xplane 12 )
  2. Hi, new user of your fantastic SR22 here. I was wondering if you could provide a custom command for the parking brake. I know the default "Toggle brakes max effort" works, but isn't that technically wrong? The parking brake handle in the SR22 just 'conserves' the brake pressure you are putting in with the toe brakes, so you always have to step on the toe brakes before you pull the brake handle. Otherwise you'll be up for a nasty surprise at startup. Now, when using the xplane "toggle brakes max effort" command it will provide brake pressure magically without stepping on the toe brakes first. Isn't that cheating? EDIT: I just found out there's a dataref I can manipulate to produce the result i was looking for - > afm/sr/f/misc/parking_brake That works for me, all is fine.
  3. RobW05


    Is this while flying manually or with autopilot on? If manually: What happens when you engage autopilot in alt hold mode, does it still go up and down? And if with autopilot: Could it be that you still give input signals with your mouse which the autopilot has to fight against?
  4. Yes, creating a new airframe will reset it.
  5. The user guide describes it best: In the real aircraft, this knob permits adjusting the friction (resistence to movement) of the engine throttle. In the simulation of the aircraft, clicking the throttle friction knob locks the throttle in place, such that it won’t follow user throttle inputs anymore, provided that the physical throttle control isn’t moved too far. This enables use of lower quality throttles that are prone to having some “noise” in their outputs. When the physical throttle is deflected sufficiently far from the virtual throttle position, the virtual throttle will start slowly “dragging” to the new physical throttle position. This can be used for very fine throttle adjustments, even when very little precision is available from the physical throttle axis.
  6. That might be the issue. You have to arm it within 5 minutes prior to TOD. It will be ignored in case you do it earlier. Other than than it's pretty much straight forward: - set your VNAV profile - set an altitude preselection lower than your current altitude (typically the altitude you have been cleared to descend to by ATC) - arm VNAV within 5 minutes prior to TOD (simply do it when you hear the "vertical track" callout)
  7. No, the G1000 isn't suited for VNAV climb. You can climb in FLC or VS mode but have to manage altitude restrictions manually.
  8. I guess you also checked the maintenance menu for any failures? And just to make sure, have you checked and turned off xplane default failures? If you're following the checklists closely I really can't think of anything else than a failure. Hmm wait, do you by chance have any script running or maybe a hardware binding which could prevent fuel to flow? It would be worth to try without any scripts and all hardware unplugged. If it's working then you know how to troubleshoot further.
  9. Did you turn the fuel selector to either left or right tank?
  10. It was moved to copilot side a few versions back. (for the reason that the real thing has it on copilot side )
  11. It could easily be dependent on the direction you're taxiing. It's weird sometimes yes. I know a certain spot in the Orbx Courchevel scenery where I can park and shutdown just fine, but next time I start xplane I find my TBM on fire right after loading.
  12. Very likely the problem lies in the scenery. I have experienced that myself everytime I taxied over a certain spot in an airport scenery. The problem was then fixed by the scenery author. However, try to choose another parking spot and avoid crossing the area you crashed before.
  13. It works, yes, but you really shouldn't be greeted with this screen anytime you start the sim (unless you did exit the sim without proper shutdown of the airplane) and moreover you should be able to press yes or no without the sim crashing. Something's not right with your installation or maybe you have conflicting plugins. Try without any scripts and plugins or maybe even with a fresh copy of xplane.
  14. You could try deleting the content of your x-plane 11\Output\TBM900\state folder. That should give you a clean state without triggering the flight recovery window next time you start. Be aware this also deletes your aircraft state and you will start with a new one.
  15. What happpens when you press "no"?
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