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  1. I know this may be a stupid question but I just can’t figure out what this button does. Thanks in advance to anyone who could enlighten me about it !
  2. Thank you very much. This plane is fantastic!
  3. Does anyone know what the keyboard assignments are for - oxygen on, oxygen off and fuel boost prime? Thanks in advance for any help you could provide!
  4. I have been flying the TBM since it first came out. It is a wonderful plane. Recently I added a six pack of Logitech FIP’s to my flight sim hardware using xsaitek for software and instrument displays. All works well except I have no Loc or GS on the FIP’s when flying an ILS. I know to switch the CDI. I do get a Loc and GS on the FIP when flying an RNAV approach on the TBM and when flying other planes like the Zibo mod 737, stock 172 and stock Vision jet. I do always get the ILS Loc and GS on the TBM G1000 display no problem. I suspect it is a quirky data ref issue. Any ideas on how to
  5. Thanks again for the follow up. I probably was not clear but I had been using a three axis joystick and had no problem with ground steering the TBM. I replaced the joystick with a two axis Logitech yoke A couple of days ago which resulted in the problem with ground steering. I prefer to fly with the yoke so to make that work I think I will have to get rudder pedals. Thanks again for your very timely responses. Much appreciated! I love flying the TBM!
  6. Thanks for your prompt reply! Upon further research this is a study level aircraft and therefore rudders and ailerons are not linked. The yoke only has two axis while my joystick had three one of which acted as rudder pedals. I tried assigning keys for hold left brake and hold right brake to steer the plane with keys but that did not work. I guess I will just have to get rudder pedals.
  7. I just added a new Logitech flight system yoke to my flight sim. It works fine with other planes but has virtually no ground steering with the TBM. I have the yaw dampener turned off so that is not the problem. The yoke moves correctly both physically and visually but the plane barely turns. I previously used a joystick and the TBM turned fine. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for the help!
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