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  1. Many thanks for your reply. Kind regards Chris K
  2. Does anyone know if Librain can be integrated with the Hot start Challenger 650 or is there any other rain effects plugin that will work. Kind Regards Chris K
  3. Hi, Can anyone advise please, had a look on the forum cant find anything, but might be missing something. The CRS 1 / CRS2 buttons on the FCP the scroll with the mouse key and have a click point in the centre, but I cant see where or how they adjust the course on any screens or menus? I have been adjust the course via DCP1 / DCP2 on the main pedestal, using menu adv/ data button. Am I missing something or are they InOP at the moment. kind regards Chris K
  4. Just to give a further update to this issue. Everything works fine on a single monitor. When a multiple monitor setup is used in xplane 11.55 with this add-on, the click spots become out of sync.
  5. Hi can anyone help please. What a fantastic addon the challenger 650 is. I have only one issue though that I cant resolve, it also looks like this has been addressed before. But I am unable to find a solution as of yet. Receiving and Making a Call from FBO on phone. I filled out the form in the FBO. I can toggle the phone on/off from the challenger 650 drop down menu. But I just can't make a call or answer one. When the FBO calls me on the phone appears on screen but there's No click spot anywhere in the green 'Answer' button. Same problem when I'm trying to make a call - No click spot. Even the 'X' at the top left of the phone isn't a click spot and the only way I can remove the phone is by clicking 'Toggle FBO Phone' in the drop-down menu. Any help would be fully appreciated. PS please find attached my log.txt Further update Sat Phone has the same problems. both phones have no click spots. I have also added two pictures of the FBO phone on my screen, you can see I have also noticed it appears quite narrow in size. Don't know if this is correct. further update. I have found the click spot on my second monitor roughly in the middle of the screen with the phone to the left side. I have attached a video. Any help on how I can rectify this would be great, maybe admin can send this to the Devs. Log.txt VID_20220201_182941160.mp4
  6. Hi, I am having exactly the same problem. Cant answer the call from FBO. Phone displays with no click spots. Can only toggle the phone from the menu to display but nothing else. kind regards Chris K Log.txt
  7. Hi again, well today I fully disconnected all my monitors expect 1. Loaded xplane and skymaxx pro works in windowed mode. As soon as I connect back up my other monitors and restart xplane. Skymaxx pro will no longer allow me to select and change the sky colours option. So it will not work in a multi monitor setup. Perhaps I will copy this possible bug report across to laminar to look at, and get their comments on the problem. Kind regards Chris K
  8. Is their a work around you can think of that I can select the sky colours another way.
  9. I have now tried opening smp on just a single monitor and still have the same problem as above.
  10. I have tried that, unfortunately the smp ui will only show up on the main monitor,when I move it to the left or right monitor it disappears. I will try tomorrow on a single monitor and let you know.
  11. Your not alone, I also purchased Sky Maxx Pro just the other day, I am also experiencing exactly the same problem. I am able to move the slider on the sky colours menu, but when i try to select one of the templates for example red dawn high contrast, i am unable to select it, it wont select with the mouse click, it does not even highlight. All the other sliders work fine. I have multiple monitors x 3 could this be the issue ? Every other feature works fine, just cant change the sky colours from the default option. Kind Regards Chris Kingdom
  12. I have managed a work around. I run 3 monitors and on start up of the TBM900 the tab bar moves around the screens to the left-hand monitor. I then open Xplanes screen settings and under the left monitor adjust the default resolution to custom. In my case 1980x1080 but I add 1 extra pixel to make them 1981x1081 this moves the TBM 900 tab bar to the middle screen on left hand side. in this mode I can open Airframe Manager, Maintenance Manger and Payload Manager with no problems. The only issue is that I have to enter the custom resolutions everytime I run the TBM900 as they won't save.But at least the tab bar works now. Regards Chris K
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