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  1. Hi Just want to find out if Navigraph charts can be intergrated to the SR22 Series, and if so how to go about doing the setup of navigraph charts. Regards Norman Devantier
  2. Hi After installing the latest update the SR22 Series Entegra version 1.0.2 keeps crashing x plane sim completely, I have tried a number of times installing and reinstalling but every time i try load the TorqueSim SR22 Entegra 1.0.2 it crashes completely I have also tried deleting the plane and then reinstalling. The plane was working fine before installing the upgrade Regards Log.txt
  3. Hi Could any one inform me of how to change the QNH in the GF 5 Aircraft Thank you in advance
  4. Hi Sorry for delayed response but i have really being trying to install then reinstall for quite a few days now. The Gismo after a completely reinstall does not even show up in the plugins menu. I have tied the screen off with only one monitor. Still no luck Log.txt
  5. Hi I have done a completely new install of XPlane 11 with Europe scenery installed, no plugins installed. I then installed the TorqueSim SR22 Series Entegra After starting x plane the aircraft loads without showing any errors, but the plane is completely dead. Also have installed RealWeatherConnector AND Skymax Pro I have checked the log file and found something: 0:01:59.668 E/NET: Download failed with http error: 404 for URL http://lookup.x-plane.com/_lookup_11_/weather/wafs/ 0:01:59.780 E/WXR: Download of http://lookup.x-plane.com/_lookup_11_/weather/wafs/ failed with 2:404 (HTTP Error 404 (File Not Found)) at Tue Mar 30 16:58:25 2021 0:01:59.780 E/EXP: WXR_DOWNLOAD_FAIL: Download of http://lookup.x-plane.com/_lookup_11_/weather/wafs/ failed with 2:404 (HTTP Error 404 (File Not Found)) at Tue Mar 30 16:58:25 2021 2021-03-30 17:58:26 SR22[Main.cpp:750]: #=#=#=#=#=#=#= [PLUGIN NOT ACTIVATED] =#=#=#=#=#=#=# I do not receive or see any activation screen pop up. I have a thee screen setup and do check each screen to check if they are not minimized. Please your suggestions and help if this has happened to you in the past please let me know how to correct this problem. I have spent the last four days trying to sort out Regards' Log.txt Log.txt
  6. No i have no idea of it until you mention it
  7. Hi After loading The SR22 Series Entegra. I receive the message as showing in the attached image. I have also attached the logfile for checking. Had the plane 8 hours now and still have not flowed it yet. Your suggestions' will be appreciated. Regards Log.txt
  8. Hi All Is there anyone that has integrated the G5 into the airfoils lab KingAir aircraft successfully, I have tried but not successfully, Any information on this plugin is much appreciated. Norman
  9. Hi Sorry for delayed response. Thank you. as usual your correct again. Regards Norman
  10. Hi Thankyou for your reply I have attached my logfile for you to check. I have done clean installs of the Cessna 172 install the G5 but still the display is offset to the right. Your help is much appreciated Regard Norman Log.txt
  11. Hi all Does any one know why my AFMG5 instrument's don't power up. The Plane is running all the other instruments work fine, But unable to get them to power up. your SURGESTIONS ARE MUCH APPRICIATED. Regards Norma
  12. Hi all Is any one having the problem or had the problem of the g5 windows miss aligned in the Cessna 172. I have attached a screen shot of what i mean. Any suggestion's are most welcome. Thank you in advance Norman
  13. Hi Does any one have the problem of skymaxpro weather freezing x plane for about 15 second's and then it unfreezes. I have to keep turning the plugin off to have an uninterrupted flight and makes flying difficult as i might be changing my altitude then all of a sudden it freezes. Any suggestion's and help would be welcome. Thank You
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