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  1. Hi all Is any one having the problem or had the problem of the g5 windows miss aligned in the Cessna 172. I have attached a screen shot of what i mean. Any suggestion's are most welcome. Thank you in advance Norman
  2. Hi Does any one have the problem of skymaxpro weather freezing x plane for about 15 second's and then it unfreezes. I have to keep turning the plugin off to have an uninterrupted flight and makes flying difficult as i might be changing my altitude then all of a sudden it freezes. Any suggestion's and help would be welcome. Thank You
  3. Hi all Thank you all for your suggestions' I have uninstalled the tbm then reinstalled the plane. this has corrected what ever was causing the problem, maybe there was a corrupt installation of the plane, I say this because i have 2 different installation's of x plane and had no problems with the tbm in the other installation. Ounce again thank you all for your help
  4. Hi all I am having a problem with the rudder, My plane swings from left to right when i use the rudder pedals, i have noticed that the front wheel also turns, i don't know if there is a control wheel steering option for the TBM ? but IT IS ANOYING THAT THE COCKPIT VIEW KEEPS TURNING LEFT AND RIGHT WHEN I TRY THE RUDDER FOR THE CHECK OF THE FLIGHT CONTROLS. Any suggestions' are much appreciated. Thank you in advance
  5. Hi All This s just a question Is the auto router charts app still available in the tbm 900 as i don't see it in the menus any more. Thank You in advance for your reply
  6. Hi I am attaching the logfile for the TorqueSim SR22 I'm doing this so that the developers can read it. The reason is i have noticed that when I'm in the cockpit setting a flight up, the plane works well, then i select a external view this is when i receive the screen capture message which i will attach as well. hope this might be of some help. Regards Log.txt
  7. I still keep receiving this message now and again which i will attach, I don't know what it means but maybe the programmer's Wii
  8. Thank you it worked fine, and hope you are able to beat this bug. Thank you
  9. Hi All Is this aircraft Vulcan compatible I can use the aircraft in Standard mode, but when i try load it with Vulcan activated it crashes x plane, Then i load it with Vulcan deactivated it runs sweetly . Just wondering if this is wrong or correct. I was under the impression it could run in Vulcan. Some thought's and problem solving suggestion's are much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  10. I was wondering if the rudder pedals are correct, but being a small aircraft should it not have a control wheel steer function instead to the small wheel in front of the plane , or if it does i am unable to find anything about it in the documents. Any suggestion's anybody please and thank you in advance Regards To all
  11. Hi Yesterday i was flying the TBM900 WITHOUT any problems, But today i keep receiving this error message then x plane freezers and then shuts down x plane 11 I have not installed any extra add-ons what so ever I am attaching log files and graphic for checking Your help would be much appreciated Regards TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt
  12. Hi All Is there any way of increasing the time for the display of the flight plan menus 'for example when i click on FPL THE MENUE WINOW POPS UP FOR ABOUT 3 SECONDS then disappears which does not give me time to navigate the menus for example MAP/WPT/NRST/FLP/SYS/LST. Any suggestions are appreciated. Regards Norman
  13. so what i have done is put the x plane window to the screen that works with sky max pro, Then set it to windows mode, i can then use it on any of the other screens. This is how i have set it, but it might be different for you, but you could try and see what happens
  14. Hi All I think i have worked out the problem I have three Monitors and i have being using the one screen only so i tried the other two screens and found pro max works fine on the one screen only. Hope this helps anyone Regards
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