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Skymaxpro Weather keeps freezing x plane

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Does any one have the problem of skymaxpro weather freezing x plane for about 15 second's and then it unfreezes.

I have to keep turning the plugin off to have an uninterrupted flight and makes flying difficult as i might be changing my altitude then all of a sudden it freezes.

Any suggestion's and help would be welcome.

Thank You

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I haven't had the experience of it freezing XP but I have recently noticed that I have to go to the plug in admin, stop it, restart it to get the cloud depictions to update.  Running with FSGRW and RWC but NO other weather related stuff and it was working okay but decided to go bonkers with the heavy cloudiness around Hurricane Delta.  I'm assuming it is being overtaxed in trying to draw all the cloud layers although it has worked and then not worked.  I'm starting to wonder if there is an issue with that OpenGL gateway to Vullkan.  I've not tried this with 11.5 under OpenGL.

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