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  1. Yes I do have v-sync turned on and the Nvidia settings to go with it also active. I can't remember exactly what they are but I know when I activated one setting in the Nvidia driver it mentioned turning on the other two (one is G-Sync) for best performance. I didn't touch the Nvidia driver when I just tried the return to OpenGL.
  2. I don't know if this is the best place to post this but - since we're having a discussion about the much-anticipated new SMP - I thought I'd mention it here. I am one of those low and slow people that miss the cloud reflections and the precipitation system of SMP. When Cameron described his system for testing the new SMP, I decided to set my XP back to OpenGL from Vulkan and I saw my performance go UP! I have absolutely no explanation for that one. I did not change any of my other setting nor the area in which I was flying nor the plane I was using. This has born out consistently for th
  3. I've been a long time user of SMP and RWC and have found MAXX FX a great little utility to tweak the visuals to nicely bring out a little more contrast in the clouds as well as making XP look soo much better over all. The only yellow clouds I see is at sunrise and sunset and (since I don't often see that where I live) I've been able to tone down some of the reds and yellows to make things look more like my little corner of the world (not to mention I can adjust it seasonally). Since Gizmo is already installed for SMP, MAXX FX has really no fps hit that I've noticed.
  4. I haven't had the experience of it freezing XP but I have recently noticed that I have to go to the plug in admin, stop it, restart it to get the cloud depictions to update. Running with FSGRW and RWC but NO other weather related stuff and it was working okay but decided to go bonkers with the heavy cloudiness around Hurricane Delta. I'm assuming it is being overtaxed in trying to draw all the cloud layers although it has worked and then not worked. I'm starting to wonder if there is an issue with that OpenGL gateway to Vullkan. I've not tried this with 11.5 under OpenGL.
  5. I would venture to say that is probably the case as I think about it. Once the product is installed, there are several options for sky colors and cloud textures that may be used but when a change is made, the user has to open the texture browser, select all the cloud (0-5) textures, and use the "reload" function. The default clouds are then replaced by the new textures. Same with the sky colors. I kind of figured that your entire cloud system replacement was what prevented the reflections but it also allows for a more detailed handling of various types of clouds which is a higher prior
  6. Hi Frank and thanks for the quick response. I do appreciate it. I'm new to this forum but my system has been loaded with skymaxx, terramaxx, real weather, and MaxxFX for quite some time. I do think that SkyMaxx Pro creates the best cloud system but, being a float plane flyer, I do miss the reflections of the clouds in the water. Here is a screen shot I took just a few minutes ago using the "other" system under 11.5 r3. This, apparently, is something that can be done somehow. I don't know how they are doing it. Thanks for the info about the OpenGL / Vulkan bit on plugins. I did not know
  7. I'm somewhat curious about this now a couple months later. There is another (no names mentioned) developer that has been working on their next version of cloud / weather simulation and they have the ability to show cloud reflections in water under Vulkan. Is the difference that you are going through the OpenGL to Vulkan arrangement Laminar set up rather than working with Vulkan natively?
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