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  1. Just wanted to say, wow! I'm normally mostly flying utility planes with tonnes of installed equipment, ready for all possible situations and uses. This has no use besides pure realistic flying fun and it's great! The physics, the sounds, the graphics, the small immersive touches, it's perfect. I wasn't sure about the model, because Youtube compression, that I used to watch reviews doesn't do it justice, but it's really high quality. Hard to believe that it's a new developer! Congratulations on a great plane. I hope it's not the last one
  2. Hi, thanks for all of the improvements Some small details I have noticed: 1. The carb temp indicator still teleports around a lot like before 2. The AP disconnect button no longer disconnect the AP but enables the Avitab (the normal planned Avitab Hotspot above and to the right also works)
  3. Don't know how much experience you have with plane add-ons but like 80-90% of good and popular planes out there are missing custom failures due to mistreatment, including some otherwise very realistic ones. That saying, flap over-speed damage is build in into X-plane and it works with all planes, just make sure it's enabled in the x-plane options because it disables itself each time x-plane is updated for some reason.
  4. Ok, thanks, looking forward to it.
  5. Hi guys, Since Air Hauler 2 came out I'm flying a lot of cargo and are pushing the weight allowance of various planes to the limits Yesterday I was flying the cargo Saab with a take off weight of around 26K lbs (from what I'm understating the MTOW is around 27K). And let's just say it was very hard. Take-off from 7K feet runway at sea level and around 20C OAT, flaps 7, weak headwind - almost didn't make it Then later cruise at 21K feet - despite going almost full throttle to the ITT limit the autopilot wasn't able to cruise without 4 degree nose up to not lose altitude
  6. Yeah, I was also mentioning it somewhere, the overall tendency of the rise and fall seems similar like in other pistons, but the jump is strange
  7. Well I never had to set the heading bug to the runway direction in any of my G530 planes for it to work. Just fly the approach on GPS, wait for it to change to NAV or change it yourself, when it's centered on the localizer press APR to enable the vertical guidance. Works (almost) every time. At least if you aren't on some crazy position in relation to the glide slope already, otherwise the plane will most of the time give up. I also didn't notice a violent change from GPS to NAV.
  8. He talks about the autopilot-behavior where the GPS guidance automatically changes to NAV/ILS when the localizer is caught. It's a standard feature of most planes that use the G530 and it was also working for me lately in the BN-2 when I was flying it. It sometimes malfunctions if you play around with the approach waypoints and not just fly it as given. That saying, it also malfunctions due to many other reasons in all the planes that use this system. Sometimes the turn is to sharp and the plane cannot make it and resigns (happened to me in other planes and the BN-2) or the plane will give up
  9. Can somebody that knows how the Carb temperature and carb heater work take a look? I did kind of feel wrong when I was flying, but I have compared it now with the SF260. There the carb temperature actually drops with adding engine power (maybe because more air is moved by the propeller inside the engine?) but only up to a point after that the temperature starts rising with adding thrust. And it's actually the same for the BN-2, only that in the BN-2 the gauge does something crazy, when it comes to the moment that the temperature stops going down and should start to rise with adding thrust it s
  10. That's fine, the normal lighting for some reason also steals like 10-20fps for me, so it shouldn't be that bad I just love atmospheric night lighting in my planes, so this is right up my alley.
  11. Guys, Take a look at this incoming mod: It's amazing
  12. Thanks, the plane is on the right way to become really great. And feels totally at home in the Scottish Highlands Perfect aircraft to discover all the remote corners of ORBX's UK.
  13. I did the mag test during start-up and RPM was dropping when turning them off one by one. Do you mean something else?
  14. Condition levers seem to work for me - I mean, no idea how this plane exactly reacts to them in reality, but both the EGT and the performance change for me like in other pistons. Have you leaned the mixture in other pistons before?
  15. Hi AlyMac, Check those improved sounds: The devs are trying to make the sounds better as we speak
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