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  1. Climbing at Vmcl - minimum control speed is not a good idea. Ideal climb IAS is around 75 kts for BN-2. And dont forget the fact, while it does not have any failures, you shouldnt maintain full props during climb. Lowering rpm to green zone, and adjusting manifold pressure accordingly should give you an ideal climb angle at 75 kts.
  2. Nevermind guys. Problem was dataref tool does not see the hidden commands. And since the earlier version of commands.txt and datarefs.txt was deleted by the 1.1 installation, newly generated lists don't have the previously visible commands and datarefs. I rolled back the installation, compiled the lists again in version 1.0 where that commands were visible in sim. Got a backup of those, and installed 1.1 again. My control profile is working again. The only question remains is that, is there any other way than dataref tool, that I can use to gather the datarefs and commands, even if t
  3. Hey Cole. In the previous version I was using commands like bat_on, bat_off to switch battery on and off. In this version I can only see/access battery toggle command which is not ideal to use with on/off switches on panels. The switch state won't be persistent, unless I also add conditions, and match code I use will be more tricky. It is the same case with every other on/off switch. When I check the commands and datarefs via dataref tool, I don't see those previous commands there either. Question is, what am I missing here? How can I access those commands again? Is it simply a matter of
  4. Thanks for the info Coop. I use dataref tool to sniff the custom datarefs, and create dataref.txt command.txt files which are needed for interfacing addon specific commands. However I can't see the previously visible on/off commands. Is there a way to access those?
  5. I just had the chance to try the 1.1 update and I noticed most of the on/off commands that control switches are removed, leaving only toggle ones. It is quite frustrating to bind toggle commands to on/off switches on controllers/panels, as they are not persistent with the state of the switch. Normally I wouldn't mind if switches can also be driven by changing dataref values. But those seems like they turned into read only, or something overwrites the changes. When I try to change the value of the switch state, it resets back. Is it because I installed the beta version of Gizmo plugin
  6. Im good thanks Cole. What I meant was, there is no defined simulation event, like 'turn knob clockwise' but it can be controlled by changing the variable. It is possible to do it with lua scripting, defining a command that exactly does that. But interface I use is quite flexible anyways, I can use simulation events, change dataref variables, or simply send keystrokes. No need to run an extra script.
  7. There is no command (simulation event) for manipulating that knob. But you can control it by changing the value of the dataref below; afm/islander/f/knobs/cockpitLight Set it between 0 (min) and 1 (max) values
  8. After you saved the datarefs.txt and commands.txt, you need to restart the Xplane, and load a flight with bn-2 in order to activate the custom datarefs and commands. Check spad.next window for connection status. After that you'll be able to see the custom ones in the list as well. Keep in mind, custom ones will only be visible when sim is running and aircraft is loaded. Some of the bn-2 switches are controlled by generic switch datarefs. Those may be elusive to find, as dataref editor does not show those command groups separately. In such a case try using data monitor of spad next. You ca
  9. All Saitek/Logitech panels work perfectly using Spad Next replacement drivers. It handles all the integration outside the sim, so you wont be effected by any sim related binding issues, conflicts etc.. Initial configuration and sniffing datarefs can be a bit overwhelming first time you are using it. But the flexibility well worths it. It has 14 day trial version. Feel free to reach out if you want to give it a go. I can guide you in more detail with the configuration.
  10. Hey Coop, any news on the release date? When should we expect the update?
  11. Yes, @4535jacks those commands turn off shadows created with shadow_maps. Both internal and external. Directional lighting still works, and looks decent enough as a temporary solution till the issue is fixed.
  12. Interesting. I thought REP B58 was quite realistic, as it does not auto-slew HSI. How did Simcoders missed that? Roger. Will change the bind script to add Autopilot VVI Sync before servo activation. Thanks for the tip. Systems simulation in BN-2 need more work, more depth in general IMO. Hope AP rework will be one of the early updates. EDIT: Just saw the script. I use Spad Next to handle bindings. I think I can easily create a scripted event using the simulation events you listed there. Thanks
  13. Thanks @Graeme_77 That makes much more sense now. If you have access to Carenado B58, check the KFC on that mod. I think the logic on that one is more accurate.It is a good reference for a realistic rendition. I noticed, the erratic behaviour when AP is activated during the climb is due to the command I am using. 2x 'servos_up_one_level'. First time it activates AP, and second time it toggles VS. But since the AP button auto-activates VS in BN-2, second command cause the auto-enabled VS mode to deactivate. Then AP auto-switches to ALT mode, that causes the pitch up attitude to zero out.
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