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  1. 3 hours in flight since 1.1.13, works very well, great update, good job!
  2. You didn't understand anything about my posts at all, that's ridiculous. You loose your time by anwsering to me as I'm loosing my time by answering, let's be ridiculous for the last time then,no worries. Big time ego on your side, your answer is so poor, you have no respect, I understand now what I can read on other forums about your attitude, just check it out. Don't bother me anymore as well, just don't talk to me back as previoulsy requested, same for me, right? Don't loose your precious super time. I don't care about your negative, condescending and arrogant emotion. Again: End o
  3. @Cameron Hello, I've never be rude in any way, don't forget that I'm a faithful customer and respectful one. Your way of answering to me is inappropriate. So that I won't consider in anyway other devs as making statement "insanely ... or else" because they are trying to make something good for us as they've already done for the pleasure of users like me as adding some windshield effects which is not a duty or an obligation, I was just asking here. And some of the devs were saying the same as I said here (easy to check it), they are exchanging informations without any ego matters
  4. I have a collection of 8 bug splatters so far!
  5. Definitely the best GA, my favorite one for sure!
  6. Please we now know that we can't rely on Librain as mentioned in my previous message. Even some devs say the same, I was talking with another dev this morning, he also works on his own windshield effects, but maybe you have news from the author that we don't have, in this case when does he plan to release the new version? Thank you
  7. Hi, I think there is a bug on my side because I indeed have the ice effect but any effect of the snow on my windshield neither for the rain which make no sense so far, how can I fix it, I don't find the way so far, i uninstalled the bird and re-install it but nothing has changed still no effect ? Knowing that many devs as Flight Factor, A319 Toliss, VSkylabs King Air/C172 Airfoillabs, REP PC12 Carenado, SP-30 by Mad Flight Studio, the freeware Zibo 737, and more GA have their own windshield effects now so i do believe that if you did add new icing visual effects which is very nice by the
  8. Hi Goran, I believe it is legitimate to ask again because we are on October means 4 months after your reply, so what is about it? You guys did discuss based on your response but there is any update news around concerning the P Factor? so I ask again... Thank you to provide an accurate answer as much as possible ;-)
  9. I used Mixture axis instead of assigning Mixture 1 axis ! That was my mistake! So it works fine now!
  10. SOLVED : I didn't set Mixture axis 1 Same here with my Saitek Throttles, I can't assign the mixture axe so far... for the rest this bird is a piece of Art!
  11. Hi @oldflyguy Unfortunately I think the same, after so many requests, that's the silence in front! Except that on June 23th we had this reply : which is a tiny source of hopes... Maybe they're still discussing! hh who knows? ... Indeed it should have been done before if the devs really felt concerned... But here we are Captain!
  12. Thank you! I wish you have an anwser... Last time I did ask was on June 22th so that nobody can say that we are not patient. It's not asking for the moon but just to put this effect back for the sake of realism which is supposed to be the philosophy of Hot Start, am I wrong?
  13. @Cameron @Ben Russell Thank you very much guys for your precious help! I did FREEZE safely the oldest one as requested in the quick reply to my support ticket and all gets back to normal so that I can go back to my greatest SR22 and continue my journey! Nice! ;-)
  14. Send a support ticket and it should be ok ;-)
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