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  1. Tks for your anwser ...I have no single idea why makes this happen? It never happened before so what is the reason? I have only one machine one pc the same as usual, I never changed my password and user name email which works but it goes to the other window and ask my name and the name of the machine. I know my name and the name of my machine but it doesn't work! I mean it, it doesn't work since I update windows yesterday and didn't have any issue with other paywares or any security issue anyways so what's going on? I used since years just to tape my email and my password, I have no idea which name I tape years ago concerning the name of my machine which is the same name but it doesn't work as well and I never had to do it again if I had to do it years ago? Thereis one single name of my machine...I never had to face this security matter! Just my email and my password were enough to use my products. What's going on then? Because I updated Windows as I used to? I don't understand. I've tried the name of my machine that never changed and it doesn't work, I've tried lkn it doesn't work as well? So how can I use all the products I paid for? Again since yesterday I used to tape my email and my password and was able to fly as it supposed to! So can someone tells me what this happen because I'm lost and I really don't understand which is frustrating... I've sent a ticket, hopefully it will be ok tomorrow because from my perspective it's not fair at all and very ennoying, how could it be different?
  2. Same here never happened, don't know what to do, it asks to FREEZE my machine, never have this sort of message?!
  3. Thank you very JetNoise! Good to know! Precious information! Happy Flyings Captain
  4. Same here with the 1.0.0 yesterday I lost my 19,7 hours Flight Time and it got back to the value default Now I'm downloading the 1.0.1 but by reading you guys it seems that the issue is still there, it happened twice before but since July 26th it didn't happen except yesterday where I lost everything in terms of persistence system... The goal is too feel this beautiful bird alive and not having a brand new after 20 hours in the skies... however it's such a fantastic addon and its first steps so hopefully this issue will be fixed or is already ...
  5. Hi, That is so frustrating that I even turn Xplane off, I just updated from Xplane 11.50 B16 to beta 17 and same as it happened twice with the TBM900 so I have the same livrery, the same registration but the airframe is like a brand new!!! I'm trying to feel this bird alive which is the goal when there are great Wear tears features but why it is now as if 20 Flight Time hours spent were for having a brand new airframe today! Is there a way to avoid this issue again? Do I have to save the SR22 folder placed in Output before updating Xplane then, I guess! We should have a warning in the manual about it, it's very ennoying, really I've lost 95 hours with the TBM this way as well...
  6. I second that 100%! I'm still speechless about the accuracy of the flight model
  7. Good idea! i'll check it out! The things is that I checked the option "continue flight after crash" ON (something says like that) It doesn't restart the flight so that I thought that it would be the best option in order to avoid to stop most things from futher processing but it seems to not respond to that obvioulsy, I've noticed it with two other complex addons where after a crash I didn't have to repair the whole bird but just tires for instance... Anyway I'll check the log on the crash, don't want to do it on purpose, I try to keep her in a good mood after hours of flyings!
  8. Sure you right! ... but as it is mentionned in my previous post it looks like it didn't detect the crash, the airplane didn't get any damage at all, this is why I was wondering if it was because a "bug" crash detection from Xplane?
  9. Such a great addon! I enjoy it so much so far! Hours in the air and such an immersive pleasure of realism! Congratulations for bringing it out! Unfortunately I just crashed my bird in the moutain in Alaska because of pilot error (icing conditions) amazing flight model by the way! What did surprise me is that I have nothing to repair at all? How could it possible? Is it due to Xplane Crash detection? Sorry for the screenshot I know it hurts to see this beautiful bird in such a bad state... You guys did a great job, worth money for sure!
  10. It seems to have any issue to start the engine, I've tried both cold star and hot start of course with "wear and failures" checked ON. I'm still speechless how it feels so realistic, I mean it! Hope you'll find a way to make it work! The manual is extremely complete, same for the checklist... 3 hours so far in the air, I'm amazed! Xplane 11.50 b16
  11. Same as OuterMarker : "type: application/octet-stream"
  12. Same as OuterMarker : "type: application/octet-stream"
  13. On my side , I'm checking now if the antivirus is activated, I don't think so but I'm checking now
  14. The download file is corrupted! I just downloaded I have no idea what file is ?
  15. On x-org forum it looks like nobody could get it so far... I mean hard to say but I believe that it's not released yet because above "ADD TO CART " it says "This product will be in stock on Saturday 25 July, 2020." EDITED : It works she's in my hangar now! YES!
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