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  1. Hi ! wondering if there is a roadmap for new features or changes to the 650 ? like random failures, new visual upgrades ( like rain effects ).. ....etc would be nice to know what's in store ahead,
  2. Hi ! wondering if the 650 flight model can fairly accurately simulate a Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) ?
  3. thanks for reply ! if so able to recommend some payware planes ? or the default planes in xplane is good enough ?
  4. Hello, I am a student planning to take a Private Pilot License and is looking for a simulator. I been googling and watching YouTube of mainly 3 software but cannot come to a conclusion 1) MSFS 2020, 2) XPlane11, 3) P3D I need a software that is most accurate in terms of flight physics as I want to practice maneuvers outside a normal flight envelope. Such as accident barrel rolls and vertical flights...etc. I have a high end computer and willing to pay for pay ware planes. Plane type will range from GA to Airlines. The most important solo goal is the accuracy of the flight modelling and weather dynamics.
  5. Hi All, i wondering if the 650 is modelled after real life counterpart.
  6. Hi any plans for random failures for challenger 650 ?
  7. Hi ! Anyone is using steam version of Xplane ? As i planning to purchase tmb 900 but i have 2 computers at different location but only one steam account. possible to activate 2 copies of the tbm 900 ? but only one copy of xplane will be activated at one time ( u cannot log in 2 steam accounts at same time ) i send ticket to X -aviation but no response tks !
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