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  1. quick q: I have a course plugged in on the GTN 750 as shown in the screenshot. However the HSI course needs shows me off-track even though I'm perfectly lined up. Is there a communication issue between the two instruments or perhaps an additional setting required?
  2. just having a laugh on my end at the back two passengers over here looking like the Jason Bourne Brothers
  3. thanks for the confirmation guys. good to know i'm not crazy
  4. oh well its no biggie for now. ill keep an eye on it next update to see if it happens again
  5. thanks, i did find that link after i posted the OP. these are the ones i was after: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/61325-puerto-rico-islanders-liveries-for-torquesim-bn2-islander/ But hmm strange you don't see that behavior. I was watching the install folder and saw the entire TorqueSim BN-2 Islander folder disappear then reappear
  6. I just ran the updated Islander install, and it deleted all of my existing liveries Usually updater leave extra files alone so this sort of situation doesn't happen. Maybe you could include that as a feature in future updates, because it's quite a bummer to have to now go find all of the liveries I've discovered (and now dont even remember which ones)
  7. for that fix i copied/pasted coop's code so not sure how or where I'd do that for panel lights. any idea?
  8. not for me. I keep my visual effects setting on maximum (HDR+SSAO)
  9. i believe so. i installed it on some liveries but not all of them so not 100% sure. is it supposed to be that dark or is it an issue with the mod?
  10. not sure if this has been mention yet, but the instrument lighting is extremely dim for me. this screenshot is right before dawn with instrument lighting turned all of the way up. is there a fix available like for the landing lights? note: visual effects settings on HDR+SSAO
  11. wow, I actually installed this correctly this time and it's totally working on my system. this view below used to destroy my GPU and knock my frames in half. now i'm a smooth 60 fps
  12. yep i just dragged to the end. then clicked and dragged some more and off it went
  13. I just noticed something odd, when performing the run-up, as I gently increase power, the carb temp first: 1) starts around 20c 2) increase throttle which slowly reduced temp to a stable -15c 3) increase throttle slightly more and the needle immediately jumps to +30c 4) slowly reduce throttle and needle drop back down to <-20c is this normal behavior? (all with carb heat off, full rich)
  14. just a quick suggestion for a future update: It'd be handy to have the actual number values in the load manager. Like how many gallons/pounds you're adding to each tank and how much each person/luggage weighs. thanks! EDIT: seems you can vastly over-fuel your tanks?
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