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  1. I just noticed this strange texture on the prop nose cone. It's spinning around and is shaped differently on all sides of the cone. It looks like a texture bug but wanted to get feedback
  2. ah interesting. i do own the realityxp GTN750 but I currently don't have it installed. i wonder where this could be coming from. its been driving me nuts . i wonder if it could be the terrain radar plugin. ill ask in that forum
  3. Is there a way to disable the terrain warning? https://streamable.com/ys2gc7 Log.txt
  4. The updated textures and sound in version 1.2 are great! And it runs very smoothly on my GPU
  5. What a changelog! Looking forward to this new and improved version of an already fantastic bird
  6. I just updated to new version so didn't think there was a saved state, but i'll try again and see if it happens
  7. Wondering if anyone else was experiencing this: when loading up cold and dark the master and generators are on?
  8. Couple questions about the fuel selectors. I did look in the manual but wanted a couple clarifications: 1) the red and green knobs select left and right main tanks only? 2) the metal switches choose between main/tip tank pumps? 3) the middle metal switch is only to turn lights on or off? 4) is there a way to see tip tanks fuel amount? 5) tip tanks should only be used when mains are almost empty? Cheers
  9. This is a fun surprise to receive in my inbox...hurry and take my money! :D
  10. I've never used any weather addons in XP but this looks interesting. Is there a larger description of what this software is and isn't capable of so I can make an informed decision? For example are there different cloud types/heights/precipitation/etc? Thanks for more info!
  11. oh, awesome! I didn't expect that. Looking forward to it. That would really be the last thing this plane needs overall it's almost perfect.
  12. I just loaded up XP on a refreshed PC and when I loaded up the TMB, the crash bar keeps flipping down closed on its own. I flip it up, but then it flips back down. This happens with every button. It's like it's possessed :-| Any tips?
  13. ok thanks for responding. With Christmas coming up i thought id throw that little wish out there :p
  14. Is there any talk or doing a 930 avionics upgrade? Having those split screens and touchscreens would be a welcome addition.
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