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  1. Im taxiing at bora bora where it's a balmy 80f and got a carb ice warning? is this normal?
  2. Does Air Tahiti use BN-2s? And has anyone made any liveries for it? I just got the amazing Maps2Xplane Bora Bora scenery and the BN-2 is the perfect bird to island hop these new locations.
  3. has this already happened? i was noticing the engine sounds again today and they feel muffled compared to some youtube videos i've watched. very throaty engines
  4. ah, does the sim save switch positions between flight? because i started up cold and dark. but can't remember what did the previous flight... Also this is funny to me. I'd think the roar of the engine would be all the warning you'd need if exiting the plane with a running engine. in fact i'm not sure you could even hear the alarm if the engine was on
  5. um, you seem to forgot the thumbnail pngs. the livery appears black in the sim (whoops)
  6. So this seems strange. Loaded up cold and dark, but when i open the pilot's side door, an alarm goes off like a car alarm. If i close the door it stops, and so on. Video in action: https://streamable.com/3ef9nz EDIT: i tested the BN-2T and it doesn't have the door alarm. i tried restarting the sim but its still happening
  7. hi, what i ended up doing was a fresh install completely of XP and slowly loaded back reshade, plugins, and planes. now haven't had a crash in over 24 hours.
  8. dresoccer4

    TBM Crashes

    Hello - I've had XP crash to desktop twice in a row while trying to set up the plane for takeoff. If anyone wanted to check out the logs and see if anything is glaring please let me know. Cheers Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  9. Hi there - would like to fly both the G1000 and Entegra versions, so was hoping there'd be a discount to bundle them both? Didn't see an option anywhere. I fly the classic Avidyne version irl, but want to learn the g1000 for when i eventually "upgrade" to to a new generation. Thanks!
  10. I'm trying to download liveries and interiors via the offical webpage: TorqueSim | BN-2 Islander Liveries However many of the links are broken. For example the back country interior https://torques.im/KK4Vda Please fix if you're able. Thanks!
  11. I just noticed this strange texture on the prop nose cone. It's spinning around and is shaped differently on all sides of the cone. It looks like a texture bug but wanted to get feedback
  12. ah interesting. i do own the realityxp GTN750 but I currently don't have it installed. i wonder where this could be coming from. its been driving me nuts . i wonder if it could be the terrain radar plugin. ill ask in that forum
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