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  1. Might be a reason to stay with XP11 a bit longer
  2. FL410 is way too high for this classic. In FMC says max FL360.
  3. "No more chasing x-plane changing enviroment" I guess
  4. Hi devs, do you consider making any other plane in future on level of Classic B737-300? I know Janov is now Airbus pilot - maybe A318? Cheers
  5. Try this forum for help: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/forum/43-xsquawkboxx-ivap-support/
  6. SOLVED - had to activate COM1/MIC
  7. Hi, I just tried native ATC in XP since very long time (I fly online Ivao) and noticed a problem with radio and transmission (no problem with default B58 though). Anybody?
  8. Hard to make stable approach. If it is official I will revise my skills Cheers
  9. Experimental ON or OFF? When ON seems to be impossible to land for me
  10. Hi, tested only in 11.50 beta 9, but noticed little stutters every second. Just compared with default B738. Cheers
  11. Hi, do you recommend "experimental flight model ON" ?
  12. Thank you for the update After a short try in Beta 9 XP and experimental flight model I noticed only one issue: -ground handling while taxi - difference between nose gear animation and actual behaviour - ground path. In XP11.41 v.1.2 It was good, now it is broken. Cheers to the team!
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