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  1. Can I read commands too? I didn't know that, but if no a dataref with the current state would be necessary. And tobmake it really simple for builders a command to toggle the actual state would be appreciated. Then we could simulate CBs with a simple push button without having our own logic. Cheers, Bernhard.
  2. I am not on the point implementing circuit breakers yet, so one single cb for testing the setup would be enough for the first time, no matter which one. Because I use Simvim I have to ask its developer to add these datarefs into Simvims database, so testing before doing more is a good idea ;-) An easy to build CB would be a simple pushbutton with an indicator led when this CB is cut, so for each CB two datarefs would be fine: * One for the state of the CB * One command to reset the CB Is that possible? Cheers, Bernhard
  3. Hello! Are there any datarefs for each circuit breaker which can be used as cockpit builder to implement working fuses? Thanks, Bernhard.
  4. Hello! It seems that there is another plugin that does not like the TBM, but because its the one for VATSIM with its big community it seems important for me. XPlane crashes when flying with XPilot, followed the log. Maybe you could communicate with XPilots developer to get the thing sorted - for me it seems like another traffic bug. Thanks, Bernhard. Log.txt
  5. I have been flying yesterday without troubles after updating to version Also make sure you have the right COM open. Do you see the correct frequency on the left upper corner in xPilot? Cheers, Bernhard.
  6. Have a look at Ruscool and Siam Simulation Hardware. I did not get my parts ordered there, but I got work in progress pictures and the service from ordering to shipping was amazing! Wood with acrylic cover sounds good. Cheers, Bernhard
  7. Jason1970, looks like a nice setup - I am building a similar one, but bought my GDU1040a and the GDU1500 from a different vendor, where it is backlit. How did you do your panel? Is it simply painted wood? I am thinking of ordering a lasercut aluminium one. How did you do the visuals? I am currently working on a replica of the standby instrument which should work as real as it gets. Cheers, Bernhard.
  8. The possibility to position the second PFD inside cockpit builder file would be really necessary for everybody building a full scale cockpit, no matter if it displays as the same information as PFD1. So +1 from me, need that too ;-) Cheers, Bernhard.
  9. Thanks - not a problem, I use navigraph on my own iPad in my sim.
  10. I am already registered and see the charts - the questions was, if there is a function to show the plane position on the charts in the MFD. Cheers, Bernhard.
  11. I have to recall this thread - are there georeferenced charts? I didn't find any in Europe. Thanks, Bernhard
  12. Hello! A few thoughts for all the "supporters" here and the reason why I am so pissed by everybody involved in this project. Before buying the MU-2 I contacted Tom because the features I wanted to get for my personal needs are only promised in the new update, and this was part of the answer: Tom Kyler wrote: "...The version 1.5 is an "imminent update" not yet released. I have been working on X-Plane 10 for the last 2 years and the Mu2 has taken a back seat. Now that V10 is out, I will resume work on the 1.5 update in the next few weeks and will hopefully have it available by early January a
  13. Do you think we can get the Mu-2 in the near future or do we have to wait another 2 years? The reason is, because I am quite disappointed at the moment, because I bought the plane, after you told me that there will be an update in January 2012, and now I have never flown the plane, because it is not what you told me that I will get. Cheers, Bernhard.
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