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  1. Hello again, For a long time already I am struggling again to get the Hotstart TBM9 to work. I start to feel hesitation to ask for help, because I had CTD-issues posted here before; they got temporary solved, and then occurred again. I really hope I can get some support to dive in to this. This aircraft is my top most favorite aircraft, but... Every time, a few minutes after take-off, while still climbing, X-plane crashes to desktop. - I tried different airports, all CTD's a couple of minutes after take-off, - Other payware aircraft I installed have no CTD's on same set-up and l
  2. Hello, Once in a while I encounter constant CTD's. After a while I solve them by removing add-ons, and then, flying lean-and-mean, they appear again. I wonder, is there a list of incompatible add-ons (plugins, scenery-items etc.)? I have a nice " temporary plugin bin" where I drop stuff that is problematic for the TBM. So today I flew with Avitab, PluginAdmin, PythonInterface, PythonScripts, SAM, SkunkCraftsUpdater. (So no AutoGate, BetterPushback, CEF, TerrainRadar, WorldTraffic, X-RAAS2, XPRealistic and xswiftbus) and thought I was OK to go but had a crash to desktop. It ha
  3. Yes, Australia Pro was the problem. (I have to learn to read those Log.txt's more in depth)
  4. Hi, thanks for looking in to this. I run this on a mac in full screen mode; I hope it is not in conflict with Swiftbus, because that is my only possible option to fly online via Vatsim. I managed before with the TBM, so I hope it is this Australian Pro-librairy, which I never used before. I’ll try another region. Thank you. All the best.
  5. Log.txt See log.txt above; Twice I got a crash to desktop while already flying for about an hour. I removed all unnecessary plugins etc. and had no programs running outside X-plane. I don't know what to do next. I love this plane, but I can not manage to finish an actual flight with it. What could be a good advice?
  6. So far so good. I think the culprit was other plugins using TCAS...
  7. Bummer, The crashes came back. I had three already. Two while still on the ground on different airports, the third one while taking off. This one I report now: See attached files;Log.txt problemreport_macosx.txt edit: O, wait a minute, let me try with all the non-essential plugins disabled.....to be continued
  8. So, thanks for the advice. I updated my os to "Big Sur"* (with Monterey, a beautiful small foggy town in California where I lost my wallet twenty years ago) Thankful to see this aircraft keeping up-to-date. Well worth it. On VATSIM the TBM9 is doing excellent, I'm in there for two and a half hours, no more CTD's. I had a bit trouble on the ground with trimming the pitch up and down with my assigned/binded 4-way-button on my joystick, but once airborne it somehow found its way again. It runs very smoothly for now. Thanks for all. All the best. And...now I can continue my World Tour...
  9. O dear, I tried loading it five times. Four times directly from X-plane menu: Immediate CTD before loading; Fifth time, first load scenery with default Cessna, then load TBM9: Immediate CTD. Attached flies are X-plane's Log.txt and the mac os x crash report. Further specs: Mojave 10.14.6 on an iMac Retina 5K, 27", end2015, 4GHz i7, 32GB, AMD Radeon M395X 4096MB (no "TBM900_Log.txt" because of early crash) --> Log.txt --> macosx_crashreport.txt edit: The 6th time I repeated loading the Cessna, then disabeling plugins: Terrain radar, World Traff
  10. Well I mean the pax-variant. It is not that it does not have windows, but they look like empty holes, so there is no presentation of glass transparant layer, reflections, braking light on glass surfaces. I’ll check the other variants, now you mention it,
  11. Hello, I noticed from outside it is as if there are no windows. Is that normal, or did I miss a file in the install? Thank you, Sander
  12. superduper framerates btw when the weather is clear
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