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  1. Well I mean the pax-variant. It is not that it does not have windows, but they look like empty holes, so there is no presentation of glass transparant layer, reflections, braking light on glass surfaces. I’ll check the other variants, now you mention it,
  2. Hello, I noticed from outside it is as if there are no windows. Is that normal, or did I miss a file in the install? Thank you, Sander
  3. superduper framerates btw when the weather is clear
  4. Strange, I thought I just upgraded both xswiftbus and xswift. I'll work on this all. Thanks @Goran_Mand @birdy.dma
  5. Goodday, I experienced a crash to desktop for the second time, so I'd like to give some information about it. Maybe it helps. I was running the TBM9 together with XPRealistic Pro and xswiftbus. I was informed those two can cause CTD's, but the first three legs it did not happen. I see experiences are mixed on this forum. From now one I'll skip using XPRealistic, but I really would like to use xswiftbus, because I'm flying online on VATSIM. (fingers crossed). I attached all log.txt's from the last event in this reply FYI. log.txt macosx_crashreport.txt TBM900_Log.txt All
  6. Mmm, not quite. I've got it back, together with morse-beeps from a VOR-frequency while everything is cold and dark. I'll investigate this issue further. edit: Aha, I know what it is...the volume of my COM. Strange that it is already giving white noise while off. Well, I turned it off.
  7. *KIND OF SOLVED* So, not via the 'small menu with the tabs', but via the 'big' menu: unselect any line, and then turn the inner FMS-knob slightly to the right (instead of what the manual says: "click on the 3 o'clock corner of that inner knob") By the way - other topic: In the mean time I re-installed the whole airplane because every session started with a continuous kind-of-crackle-white-noise sound (Could be the sound of rain or a transistor radio that is not correctly tuned) I could not get rid of it. It started after I had to shut down X-plane in the air. In the next session I made a
  8. Hello, I am struggling for this for a long time, because all tutorial videos show a GARMIN which has the knobs on the right side and in those videos you see people scroll through a small menu with tabs without any problems. In the TBM9 when I push the FPL-button a few two times the small menu with the tabs in the right lower corner show up, ("MAP WPT NRST FPL SYS checkLST") but after two or three seconds the whole popup goes away. So I don't have any time to find out what knob to turn or push to scroll through the submenu of a tab. My goal is to select the second item, called "FLIGH
  9. Why not make a habit of cold-and-dark? Most in depth aircraft add ons get a messed up set-up when X-plane fires up with engines running. edit: Oh, thanks by the way for the 1.1.1 so quickly after all and solving the mac os x glitch! Sometimes still struggling a bit with fps and so, but I think it is much better then in the past...I am flying like a millionaire again. fun:
  10. No I am on Mojave. Has nothing to do with Catalina. If it takes long, I would like to revert back. OK - This Discord-platform is an impossible mess at my end. The rare occasions that I am able to push myself through, Discord wants me to "Dit is een ongeclaimd account. Claim het voordat het verloren gaat. "Claim Account" - Of course I cannot "claim" any account, because I have already two accounts that are somehow unusable. I don't want to dive into this....I don't want to go to Discord... I just want to fly the TBM900 I purchased. I expect an email with a link to download a working a
  11. I'm getting a little bit behind. Regulary I am redirected to "Discord" if I want to know about what happened to bugs or questions about plugins, add-ons etc. Now, I managed to get in, in the past, actually I seem to have two accounts on two different e-mailadresses. When I open the Discord-app, about 1 out of 3 times it gets stuck in a window with a spinning gaming-device-like pictogram. Right now I managed to get inside the app, but I think to follow this discussion I have to be invited? I need some kind of an adress like "https://discord.gg/qJq5C". Would you like to provide me o
  12. Thanks for the info. I'll try...in the mean time, good opportunity practicing VOR-to-VOR.. edit: (4 days later). GARMIN is connected again to power socket and working. (With or without it...such a great plane to hop around the ortho-photoscenery covered Hawaii islands!)
  13. Hi, I tried cargo, same issue. I've read that too. It also said something about changing a data ref: sim/cockpit/electrical/avionics=0, change it to "1"...That did not solve it either. Strange, I remember to have the Garmin working a time ago.
  14. Hello, good day, It has been a long time since I'm in my Pacific Coastal transporting some locals from one to another freezing cold place in Canada, in the cosy warm heated cabin of my SAAB...what am I talking? Sorry...I just want to say that I recall turning a knob on the GARMIN and the screen will light up. Now suddenly nothing happens; the screen stays black. Is there something I miss? All avionics are on, though. I'm going VOR to VOR right now, as long as that helps me find my way. All the best.
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