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  1. SimVim and Mobiflight are two places to start.
  2. The TBM G1000 is, as I understand it, essentially just the Laminar G1000. Try the G1000 in the C172. If the hold functions are not there, the request should go to Laminar, not HotStart.
  3. Glad that helped. Curious about KLGB. Take a look at the Log.txt you posted. You'll find a line "Fetching plugins for Custom Scenery/Skyline Simulations KLGB Long Beach/plugins' and more follow related to KLGB. Sure looks like KLGB snuck in!
  4. A couple of things. Don't enable any AI aircraft when flying the TBM. Secondly, if that doesn't help, then move all your plugins out of the plugin directory except Gizmo. See how that goes, and if that fixes the problem, restore them one by one until you find the culprit. Unrelated to your real problem, but you and I both have Skyline Simulations KLGB airport and it ships with a plugin directory that causes the loading of the scenery to generate errors. You should delete the whole plugin directory within the KLGB scenery. (This from Chris at Skyline.) Doing so will allow some other,
  5. It appears that (please note this caution) all the maintenance information is in output>TBM900>state. The maintenance. csv file contains all the line items in the maintenance log. The total maintenance expense is in the airframe file (search for "maint"). You could edit these (when the TBM is not loaded). You could accept that neither you nor I know if this is safe. You could make backup files first.
  6. That page group is not there.
  7. Have you looked at Xsaitekpanels, available at Xplane.org?
  8. Not specifically the TBM, but rather in general. You can read about it here: https://cls2sim.brunner-innovation.swiss/TrimFunctionality.htm
  9. Planemaker.exe fails with an error message because it cannot locate airfoil NACA 43012A. Fortunately, I had one from a prior version of the TBM. Modification of the trim values in the TBM acf file is suggested by Brunner if you are using one of their force feedback yokes.
  10. Key/buttons will move the across right to left and vv.
  11. I recently changed from Saitek pedals to Thrustmaster TPR. That made a lot of difference. I can now readily "dance" my way down the center of the runway.
  12. Real world weather put a wind layer at 2000 MSL, at KCPR which is at 5344! That's when I noticed this. But I get the same, at KCPR, with a wind layer at 2500 ft, 208@40kt, gust increase 10kt, no turbulence, shear 20 degrees. Temp 59, high cirrus, altimeter 29.92. What is being modeled here?
  13. There was a bug in the bug reporting system ... now fixed. Explained here. Probably will work now.
  14. I have experienced this all the time as I traveled up the coast from KSAN, stopping every 100 or so miles. Now, if I take off from some airport and do touch and go-s, I'm fine; the SV shows the runway on landing. But fly far enough and there's no runway on landing. My current conclusion is that the problem arises when "too far" means loading new scenery, that is, when you cross a degree boundary of the underlying scenery grid. That specific notion may be an idiotic conclusion, of course; I haven't gathered enough data. Also, to note, if I land at an airport where the runway does not appea
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