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  1. Thank you, rjb4000! It works. I'm near from NDB, but in the ground. When airborne, NDB needle apperars. I appreciate your help. Regards, Manuel
  2. Dear Captains. Please, any one can teach me how to performe G1000 for navigate correctely by NDB? I set de NDB frequency, but does'nt appear de blue arrow in PFD - please see the picture. What's the wrong? Thank you. Manuel
  3. Dears TBMpilot & r2500. The issue is, in fact, about Laminar, that don't have the hold function coded. I'll send a request for the Laminar - reforced for Hotstart... I know that isn't the best oportunity, but I'll tray. Thank you for your help. Regards, Manuel
  4. Oh yes, TBMpilot. I'll send a feature request to the HotStart. Thanks a lot. Manuel Thank you, r2500. I'll tried this. Appreciate your help. Maybe I must to request to Laminar. We'll see. Gratefull Manuel
  5. Thank you TBMpilot. I can't to do this. Please see de picture with a exemple. When I press MENU doesn't appear "HOLD AT WAYPOINT". I have de AIRAC 2009 from Navigraph. I think so that the TBM take the data from X-Plane, insn't it? - X-Plane 11.50 b17. I appreciate your help. Manuel
  6. Dear Captains. Can the TBM G1000 programer a automatic Hold Patern procedure at a fix in the route? How do it? Thank you. Manuel Correia
  7. Dear r2500 Thanks a lot for the help. I followed your advice and it works. I do not have Skyline Simulations KLGB installed on XP-11. Grateful, best regards Manuel Correia
  8. Thank you Marius_B. I'll try these features. I've to the A320 FF and it don't run in Vulkan.
  9. Dear Sirs. I've the TBM 900. In mid-flight crash the x-plane 11, with a message that I send attached. I also send the addon log and the x-plane log. Please, help me! Thanks very much, best regards Manuel Correia Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
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