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  1. Yes, Goran. X-Vision + ASXP. I deactivated "scripts in exclusive mode" in X-Vision and now the PFD/ND display is ok, with the original colors. Thank you for your help. Kind regards Manuel
  2. Dear Sirs. The image quality of the Garmin 1000 displays (PFD and ND) is very clear (strange color...) after recent update. So, I can’t read the data, as you can see in the image attached. Is there any way to correct this issue? Please, help to solve this. My other planes the displays are clear and easy to read. Thank you. Kind regards, Manuel
  3. Hi Captains! Can anyone help me how to solve this "ELEC FEATH FAULT" issue? Thank you. Kind regards, Manuel Correia ======= Repared - SOLVED! ===========
  4. Nope... Sorry. It's all right now! Thank you, zeroblue3. Kind regards, Manuel
  5. Dear Cameron. I tried fly with this wonderful aircraft, updated 1.1.13. I verified these issues: - AP doesn't engage - some instability of AOA gadget (T/O) So, it's unflyable for me. Please, can you help me to solve the issues? Thank you. Kind regards, Manuel
  6. Hi Cameron! I received your mail. Thanks a lot for the update. Really nice! TBM is the best, in GA. I appreciate. Good Job! Kind regard, Manuel
  7. Thank you, rjb4000! It works. I'm near from NDB, but in the ground. When airborne, NDB needle apperars. I appreciate your help. Regards, Manuel
  8. Dear Captains. Please, any one can teach me how to performe G1000 for navigate correctely by NDB? I set de NDB frequency, but does'nt appear de blue arrow in PFD - please see the picture. What's the wrong? Thank you. Manuel
  9. Dears TBMpilot & r2500. The issue is, in fact, about Laminar, that don't have the hold function coded. I'll send a request for the Laminar - reforced for Hotstart... I know that isn't the best oportunity, but I'll tray. Thank you for your help. Regards, Manuel
  10. Oh yes, TBMpilot. I'll send a feature request to the HotStart. Thanks a lot. Manuel Thank you, r2500. I'll tried this. Appreciate your help. Maybe I must to request to Laminar. We'll see. Gratefull Manuel
  11. Thank you TBMpilot. I can't to do this. Please see de picture with a exemple. When I press MENU doesn't appear "HOLD AT WAYPOINT". I have de AIRAC 2009 from Navigraph. I think so that the TBM take the data from X-Plane, insn't it? - X-Plane 11.50 b17. I appreciate your help. Manuel
  12. Dear Captains. Can the TBM G1000 programer a automatic Hold Patern procedure at a fix in the route? How do it? Thank you. Manuel Correia
  13. Dear r2500 Thanks a lot for the help. I followed your advice and it works. I do not have Skyline Simulations KLGB installed on XP-11. Grateful, best regards Manuel Correia
  14. Thank you Marius_B. I'll try these features. I've to the A320 FF and it don't run in Vulkan.
  15. Dear Sirs. I've the TBM 900. In mid-flight crash the x-plane 11, with a message that I send attached. I also send the addon log and the x-plane log. Please, help me! Thanks very much, best regards Manuel Correia Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
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