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  1. I just watched the streams…omg i am shocked!
  2. Fantastic update guys. This plane has become EXTREMELY good, thanks so much for your support. And it's so framefriendly, it's incredible! It's so great to have guys like you with deep knowledge and high goals, after having so much other addons of low quality. So THANKS again to the whole team for bringing this high quality addon to the XP-world
  3. OK, yeah I see...its always much more complicated than we may imagine. I prefectly understand. At least its fantastic how accurate you want to have it simulated. That's really great. Thumbs up
  4. Thanks Tyler. Of course the winds will affect the groundspeed. So we should take the groundspeed into account to calculate the fuel consumption. So it could be done either based on the actual ground speed or more accurately according to the winds entered into the FMC, even the average groundspeed based on the averag winds should give a pretty accurate estimation if reproducing it exactly like the real plane would not be possible. But i have to admit it was just a first though out of nowhere. Great to hear that you are looking at it in future. With the new version 1.3 i rediscovered that great plane again. Thanks for your great contribution and your great way of interacting with us
  5. I am also a bit curious about some issues. After having done such an amazing work of simulating most of the complex systems, how can it be that difficult to calculate the fuel predictions? I am just asking because it should simply be one line of a formula depending on the currecnt consumption, the distance and the dicrease in weight...i guess there should exist a simple formula and the result could the simply be shown in the FMC. Again: it's not a critic it's only a question...i can perfectly understand that other issues are much more difficult to do but in my opinion the fuel predictions could have been implemented quite simply. But i may be wrong
  6. But how on earth guys could that happen? It's like if you would mix up both pedals in a car...i just dont understand how it could happen without you noticing it. It's the first time ever i see the mouse-scroll the opposite direction. Otherwise thanks for the update! Edit: sorry, just saw the post above from tkyler explaining it
  7. Hi there Just purchased that plane and i must say WUAW! It's absolutely amazing! Very well done. The level of details is incredible. Question: I was practicing to use the Garmin 1000 and according to the original manual that is linked form the TBM900-manual, i found some pages that doesnt seem to be simulated like the Auxilary Page Group (AUX) with system setup and system status. Is that correct or did i just don't find them yet?
  8. I mean basics from a viewpoint of a sim-pilot. If it is that difficult to implement, why not informing us that you just cannot do it or whatever the exact reason is. Because after years it's not just about patience, it seems that there is something wrong somewehere, but for us customers it's not clear where the problem exactly is. So i would really appreciate a clear statment / communication about further development. Or perhaps i missed it, since i don't visit that forum very often? I really said nothing during years but now it begins to be just too long and i'm questionning if we will see a completed aircraft one day. I'm sure you can understand that.
  9. No holds, no fuel predictions (or wrong ones), no speed intervention etc. Very basic things, that even freeware planes have. And still nothing after..how many years? 3 or 4??
  10. I am so extremely disappointed about that project. It started very promising. Now i know why P3D-users always make fun of us...
  11. I agree on that point: from an aesthetic point of view, the IXEG-cockpit looks fantastic and the immersion with the "vibrating" cockpit during turbulences is also for me one of the best we have in X-Plane.
  12. Thanks Litjan for these informations. Thats great! I am looking forward to the next update, making the B733 better and better
  13. Well, here i have to disagree. And probably the majority of other users. The IXEG is excellent but the FF320 as well! Saying there isn't even any comparaison is quite strange and not very realistic.
  14. Oh my fucking God, look at those reflections! Great job guys! I
  15. I own both: the Jar 320 and the Aerosoft A320-series. And i prefer the one from Jar...
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