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  1. Yeah I would love to base a home cockpit off of the TBM-900 but without an axis or dedicated switches for the various mixture/prop/throttle settings its practically impossible to implement the throttle controls. Really wish they would implement individual switches for each possible position instead of the mixture_up_a_bit/ down a bit routine. That cant work with a physical throttle, unless you have the design skills of a NASA engineer. It would require quit a complicated aparaticus to work right.
  2. Hi all. Is there a way to assign switches to position the throttle from Cut Off to Low Idle/High Idle/Flight idle. I have a Throttle quadrant but cant get the throttle out of Cutoff without using the mouse. I would really like to be able to get from cutoff to flight and back to cutoff without having to use the mouse. Thanks for any help guys. And if the Devs read this and its not possible, Please make it possible in the near future. Mark
  3. Thanks! I Have XPGF (goflight) modules. Removing XPGF from the plugins folder has fixed the problem. Thanks for the help!
  4. Hi. Can someone please shed some light on what is going on here. Worked fine in version 1. Installed all new versions as they came out, but never actually used the plane until 1.0.6. That is when I noticed this problem. Same problem in 1.0.7. I am attaching an image for you guys to see what it looks like. Thanks guys.
  5. Bahamasair IXEG 737 Classic Livery View File By Mark Hayling Submitter mhayling Submitted 05/14/2016 Category IXEG 737 Classic Livery For Click Here For Aircraft X-Plane Version(s)
  6. Version 1.0.2


    By Mark Hayling
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