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TBM home cockpit builder, let's have a loooook at new staff


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first edition MCP/GMC710 of G1000 is on ....the way


sorry guys, we don't have link so far, first edition we made five, and at the moment they are under testing.







Host side software is not mandatory, but it will definitely improve user experience because rotation acceleration is implemented on host PC side

more important is software is open source, it is written in Lua. you need FlyWithLua installed on X-Plane


although QGMC710 is born for Hotstart TBM-900,  it is not limited to TBM-900. it is plug-and-play USB HID device like your keyboard.


so it supports all aircraft you can imagine, and it supports not only for X-Plane, DCS, P3D, FSX etc should work fine as well

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On 1/15/2019 at 11:00 PM, wsando1 said:

Hi, this looks great.  How do you achieve the Rotary Knob acceleration in the video posted?  I have some dual rotary encoders for the G1000 NAV & COM and would love to achieve the same.  Thanks.

yes. it sales a lot in China.  we don't know how to export it out of China. let's find out


and software is open source, you will find a clue in below link about a rotary encoder


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On 3/17/2019 at 5:30 AM, Rossco said:

This looks great.

Interested if you can sort your international shipping.

I'm in Australia.

What sort of cost?


we are having our first international Germany customer. and we are making a new one for him this week. 

after this deal is finished, I think we can have a standard international shipment procedure.

the cost is around 120USD+ shipment fee. we are planning to control international shipment fee < 30USD. but this is what we have to learn and practice. it is UP to the delivery company we will choose, we have no plan to earn any money from this shipment fee. for QGMC710 itself is lightweight and cute for packing

VAT is your country will charge you, so we will not cover it


do you have Wechat? if you have, add me "cpuwolf", we can have IM

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On 3/17/2019 at 10:00 AM, Goran_M said:

Very impressive work @cpuwolf

Thank you.

it is a decent job done by my friend "quickmake", he is known number one handicraftsmen in the flight simulation world in China. he designs and makes flight instruments in his own garage.

originally he works on DCS only. From last year, he starts working on X-Plane and DCS both platforms.

and "quickmake" he is not living on this, just for his hobby. so you buy it, I guarantee you earn it


quickmake his video channel in China


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