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  1. I can't sing the praises of the TBM 900 enough... I fly it more than any other plane I own...
  2. I If you want help, courtesy and respect goes both ways. Goran... I didn't mean in any way this was your fault in my statement. I didn't believe it was your aircraft... I figured (and still believe) it's the core Xplane engine. Whatever they did after the update... really screwed up people who aren't on Intel... (I have AMD and Raedon cards). My FPS went from 30 to 20 with your model... but it went from 40 to 20 with Carenado ... the only planes that perform reasonably well on full detail... are the Laminar aircraft... like the Vision Jet... Basically if I'm flying anything but the 172 or the Vision Jet... I need to tone back all the detail levels... because whatever they're doing now... my Raedon card hates it... and my system crashes for absolutely no reason. I'll be at cruise... flying... doesn't matter if it's you or Carenado... or even one of the Laminar planes... it will just hang... and crash without warning... Hasn't happened too much lately... but when 11.30 was pushed out to Steam... it was awful. I don't think that's you at all... Goran. Sorry if you felt that. B
  3. Maybe this got answered someplace else... but there's a little white box band over the TRQ% that I hadn't noticed before. I presume it's got some significance? Ideal cruise? Looked in the G1K manual... can't find anything... then again - it is like 900 pages and I only skimmed it looking for an answer. Bryan?
  4. I played it this morning... intentionally put the override on... and had an immediate flame out... so that's what must have happened. I must have had the override key mapped to something and bumped it. That said... the engine still continued to burn even with full cutoff... full shut off.. and man override to zero... I had everything shut off... but the gas was still full open and the flames everywhere as I descended. One would think... that wouldn't happen... but what do you think? B
  5. Looking at the logs... I must have bumped something (admittedly I was flying in one screen and watching a YouTube Video in the other while the plane cruised)... The ITT went from 600 to 1200 in about a minute (if I understand the database interval)... as soon as I got the fire warning... ITT drops when I shut off the engine... it was at 350 Degrees C before the game crashed... Fuel flow by the way never stopped... even at max cut off. When the game crashed... I was still drawing 62 GPH according to the logs... if I read that correctly. That would certainly explain why the plane was still on fire... even with the engines allegedly shut down. The nozzles were full open throttle as I descended... even with the throttle set to full cut off? LOL. Guess I'll need the simTSB to recover the black box... log_190122_194502_KFCM.csv
  6. So... was flying tonight when literally the engine overheated without warning and had a serious fire at FL300. Immediately went into emergency procedures... oxy, throttle, etc. Immediately started descent... with fire shooting out the engine exhaust even after the fuel was cutoff (which strikes me as highly unlikely if the fire was in the engine.) No fire in the compartment (some clipping issues when I went to descent - fire in the engine showing momentarily as in the G1000). No smoke in the compartment... ... then Xplane crashed as I was busy looking for an airport and coming down from FL300 like a freaking meteor as I must have also had control failures... it was rolling left suddenly too... ... seriously weird. Never had that happen before. Engine just spontaneously decided - "yeah - time for you to die." Even tho its a sim - still pretty jarring to hear FIRE. FIRE. (and the CAS lights up like it's Christmas). I was pretty certain the fire would have gone out once I killed all fuel... Thoughts? I'm guessing the crash is just the marvel of Xplane. I have no idea whatsoever would have caused a sudden fuel fire. The plane's frame was brand spankety new. Was pretty dicey keeping the plane stable... lol Kind of glad the game crashed.
  7. Someone has a plugin... I forget who... it's on the Xplane forum... where you can add female co-pilots... to any plane.
  8. LOL! I have had this happen... I just put like 400 pounds in the luggage compartment... put the nose down... deleted the frame... and started over.
  9. My fps sucks... and it crashes all the damn time.
  10. I mapped a button that engages the reverse thrust... which has the effect of as if you pulled the throttle over the detente so you can do the taxi (ground fine on some aircraft like the B200). Basically, you need to bring the throttle to flight idle... then you "toggle' the reverser.. (x plane command is "toggle thrust reversers")... once toggled... if you pull back on your throttle at that point... it will move from flight idle... through taxi (1200 to 1350 or so RPM)... and then reverse and then max reverse. If you toggle the reverse when your throttle is all the way retarded, you'll go max reverse. If you toggle it with your throttle just below flight idle... you'll be in that "ground fine" type mode... ideally... taxi speed is about 1250-1300 RPM... you'll want to feel it a bit... but you want the props essentially JUST before they go reverse... unless there's headwinds or something while taxing... in which case... increasing the pitch by moving from just before reverse to flight idle.... will create more torque and you'll go faster... Make sense?
  11. Sounds like you've got some kind of actuator stuck. Check a couple of things: 1) Still got the TO flaps on after 3K feet? I'm guessing you do... and that this is the problem. 2) Are your controls neutral on take off? (not trying to trim, your joystick isn't going wonko sending signals). This could also be the problem. Some joysticks and controls send "noise" to the computer. There's a sensitivity adjustment in Xplane you can do. If the noise is in your throttle... you can increase the tension knob and reduce the noise going to throttles. This isn't an AP problem. AP will not override the physical settings of the control surfaces if they're locked, jammed, or being manually actuated (while flying in AP - grab the stick and try and turn... AP will fight you... but you can still maneuver... hence why that big ass red button is on the yoke for AP/TRIM disconnect if the crap hits the fan... you grab the stick... disconnect ... and start aviating. But in a panic... the plane will override the AP controls with your control inputs). Sounds like the plane is fighting between something being manually actuated and what the AP profile is for cruise. My guess... flaps are on after climb. You can keep those flaps on all the way up to 31K... and since the profile for climb is 124 kts... you won't have any issues until the airspeed tries and rip the flaps off. B
  12. Nothing to worry about... fly with the mask on. LOL! I don't know what happens in the sim... but if you tried it in real... flying with a cracked pressure hull... you could suffer either explosive decompression if something suddenly goes... or at the minimum... suffer a crack that leads to a negative pressure situation despite the ability of the pumps to overcome... If you'll recall... that's what happened to the "Ghost Plane" incident... also known as the South Dakota Lear Jet Crash. Basically, they had some kind of failure in the pressure hull... and all the air was sucked out through depressurization. As a run of bad luck, the plane had just been serviced... and as a part of that servicing, the maintenance crew shut off the valves that provide the bottled oxy to the pilots and the passenger masks. When the pilots recognized the hypoxia (hence why we all need HA training to fly an actual TBM)... they put the masks on... but the oxy wasn't flowing. They had no way to put the oxy valves from off to on from inside the aircraft (a defect that has since changed). At about 75% oxy... that was it... they all giggled their ass off from nitrogen narcosis... then passed out... then literally went into brain death... As a consequence... the plane flew along at FL 390 and was intercepted by the US Airforce when they became non-responsive. The CAP found the plane on course, unresponsive to their commands (visual and radio), and the windows were all frosted over from the decompression... Bottom line... you crack the hull... it's game over in real life. Thanks to HS/LES - all you do is repair the sim and you're GTG. Real life - total hull loss... plane would be worthless if the pressure vessel cracked...
  13. I've never had the warning after touch of the nosewheel... I have had it when main gear touches and I am slowly bringing the nose down... seems to happen on an approach when touch occurs at less than 90 kts... which one would expect...
  14. Thanks guys... I knew there was something I was missing... Works perfectly.
  15. If this has been asked already... I apologize... couldn't find it... But on the charts... ok, I understand how that all works... and I realize it's working again... But on the SID, STAR, APP charts... why do we only get one chart? Take my home airport KMSP. There are 11 STARs and 15 SIDs. Yet, I always only see BAINY or COULT7. (See Pics) Same is true on the approach plates... I only get one... 12L. Would be nice if these charts actually worked the way they would on a G1K with overlays... but I realize that may be a bridge too far. It's not a super big deal to me... I use primarily Navigraph to use my charts... including navigation of SIDs, STARs, and Approaches... But am I missing something? Is there a way to paginate and see the other pages on the FAA charts and I'm missing it? BTW - this isn't a dig or anything... I mean you guys have more true functionality in your models than anyone else does... which I love... Just wondering if I'm missing something and I can actually do the things I'd expect with the real deal here... Thanks. Bryan
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