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  1. Quite odd as new versions, as far as I am concerned, keep the airframe in the same state. To prevent this, I make a backup of my last state after each flight.
  2. @mrogers0547 A short flight this afternoon from some saved situation. I took as a routine, the same as systematically calibrating yoke and pedals, to previously fix all systems. Starting up was nominal. Thank you again for the tip.
  3. @mrogers0547 Thank you for the information. You're right. It's when loading some saved situation. This afternoon again I had the same. Will try your solution first opportunity. Thank you again.
  4. I regularly check the maintenance manager, and in its last state, all was fully green. I also make a backup of the state folder after each flight, just in case... Deleting the state folder will be a pity, as I will lose all my flying time. But, if it is the only way to solve the problem, so be it! Thank for your quick and dedicated help! Flying the TBM is first a pleasure, and a strong derivative during those confined times! Have a nice day.
  5. None. Except Saitek throttle quadrant where I control AP, trims, starter, throttle toggle to taxi zone, low and high idle positions, inert sep, flaps, parking brake and warning cancellations. I systematically calibrate yoke and pedals before any flight.
  6. A situation which happens from time to time when loading the TMB 900 in X-Plane 11. The plane has successfully completed a flight and landed in some airport. It has been properly shut down, duly respecting the idle time before feathering, and cutting off. The plane is properly protected with static, pitot and engine inlet covers. The situation has then been registered, such as allowing resuming of the travel at a further occasion. When loading such situation to resume the trip, and when raising the crash bar, we can see the following : 1/ the standby instrument, when aligning, w
  7. My experiment about recovering an inflight situation: It's an IFR flight making use of 124thATC. A flight plan is therefore filed in the G1000. I have, according to Goran's tip, checked the box "Start with engine running". When re-starting the flight, first pause the flight. Check that your yoke and pedals are correctly calibrated (if not, the autopilot may disconnect, and recovering the plane at FL 300 may be a problem...) AP must be in HDG mode. Check you radio is on the center frequency, and request filing ot the flight plan. The flight plan starts from the departure airport, but
  8. This plane is a wonder. Some new flight today, with real weather, from Paris to Cannes (with a few days of advance for the Festival...) FL 310. ISA +0°C. Torque : 88, NG : 101.8, FF 56 Gph, IAS 195 Kias, tail wind 11 kts. GPS groundspeed : 335 kts. Some fascinating thing to note is the play of trims' tuning with PA. On take off, rudder trim half way between the neutral position and the green mark, and elevator trim on the green mark. Once lift off completed, flight control at the recommended 114 kts speed. At full torque, rudder trim goes fully right. Once the navigation level reached, ru
  9. Yesterday, I flew at FL310, with headwinds of about 13/14 kts. GPS showed groundspeed of 314 kts. We are not very far...
  10. Fantastic improvement. This afternoon, a serie of landings by hands on small GA fields, all successful, which is a first. Congratulations to the devs. And also to a really dedicated support ! Gilbert
  11. Panxua

    Regular hotstarts

    Answer may be in the shutdown procedure. When at the parking position before shutting down, first put the lever on Flight Idle, bleed switch off, time one minute min, then low idle for fifteen seconds before cutoff. Starting the engine for a new flight is usually easy. Check temperature in the green sector during all starting procedure, if not, fuel cutoff immediately.
  12. Panxua

    Sexist plane?

    I am enjoying this plane a bit more every day! I am presently in a long range trip, from Tarbes (LFBT), its manufacturing place, to Kathmandu (VNKT). The present leg took me from Baku (UBBB) to Dushanbe (UTTD). A 3,5 hours flight. Better to do it with a copilot. The payload manager allows to add a copilot, and you may even decide if such will be a male or female copilot. Unfortunately, even if you decide to fly with a female copilot, you will discover, if during flight you take an exterior view, the copilot will be male notwithstanding. A pity... Any remedy? Thank
  13. Hi guys! I experimented the same behaviour on my side. So I decided to follow with catching this plane in hands. This morning, I solved most of the behaviour with two interrupted take-offs. Lauching the lady up to 80 or 82 knots, then thottle at flight idle, then beta range and progressively rising reverse, and when the speed enough lowered, back to taxi range and careful use of the brakes. I mainly kept the central line! I thereafter made an ILS landing and did the same to stop. The solution is in smooth handling of yoke and rudder.
  14. Panxua

    Smooth flight!

    Exactly same weather... Fully handmade to accomodate as smooth landings as the flight!
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