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  1. Goran, I have download Gizmo64.plugin-, and take aaway the Gizmo 64 I had installed, and now the crash bar works. Thank you.
  2. Goran, I check that Gizmo64.plugin appear inside Resources/plugins. And inside X-Plane 11 also appear Gizmo Updater.
  3. Cameron, I had installed Gizmo, and I can´t move crash bar.
  4. In X-Plane 11.50, beta 16, the crash bar don´t work, you can´t put it up.
  5. Goran, I will made next time, but a I have download now beta 15 in X-Plane 11.50.
  6. I mean, goes out, all shut. TBM900_Log.txt
  7. After landing, when I put inverter push, everythin goes off. I am in X-Plane 11.50, beta14. I send LogTBM900_Log.txt Log.txt
  8. cromsan

    Fail in flight

    The problem of my crashes is resolved: It was not a problem of TBM 900, or of 11.50 beta, the problem was that, when I configurate and calibrate Roll and Pitch in the joystick instead of replacing the name None in both and putting Roll and Pitch, I didn´t so.
  9. cromsan

    Fail in flight

    I think that the cause of crashes of my TBM was how I had configurate my controls. I send photos. Ideas are welcome.
  10. cromsan

    Fail in flight

    With 11.50, b11 and departing fromLEVS I crash again.
  11. cromsan

    Fail in flight

    Goran_M, but the problem I had is only in TBM 900, not in the other aircraft I fly, A 321 Toliss, Diamond DA 62.
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