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  1. Rossco

    No P-Factor

    Thanks Goran. I was a little sad to see it go however fully understood the reason for as so many did complain,
  2. Rossco

    No P-Factor

    I'll second this also. I have 100 plus hours on it's little cousin the TB20 & although nearly no where near as powerful it did have a take off trim setting for the rudder which you certainly had to use. Would be good to have it back. maybe as an option if possible?
  3. I did a flight yesterday & also noticed the ILS wasn't working on NAV 1 however I did find that NAV 2 appeared to be tuned in & showing both glide slope & Loc.. I was hand flying by that stage so not sure if the AP would have tracked correctly. Haven't had a chance to get back & see if this was a one off for the NAV 2 to be tuned for the approach & not the NAV 1.
  4. I find that with the experimental model on I require much more backward yoke pressure to take off & land. For a smooth take off I have to trim to the edge of the take off range & landing I have a lot of up trim to prevent the aircraft from dropping to the runway as seems to be a quirk with XPlane. I usually fly with a copilot plus 70 kg baggage in the rear which with the non experimental model doesn't cause me any issues. From memory this was reported some time ago also.
  5. Yes, don't think there is an option for a right hand side cockpit door however I wouldn't mind seeing the cockpit control lock in place & need to be moved & replaced before & after flight. Just to add to the already extensive immersion of this sim.
  6. Iv'e seen this happen a few times mainly on climb or descent & I believe it occurred after I used my Saitek Trim Wheel. I believe it gets out of coordination with the electric trim so I tend not to use the wheel anymore. Thought I'd throw this in as it might help. You might have two trim bindings that are clashing?
  7. Can you add me to the list too please Goran?
  8. Hi Rhino, I use SPAD.neXt & have assigned the G1000n3 commands for pln, proc etc to buttons if that's any help. I have also assigned the C1000n3 Fms up & down events to the outer & inner rotating knobs of one of my Saitek Radio knobs when in XPNDR mode which works nicely. I then assigned both Select with a short press & Enter with a long press to the ACT/STBY button beside the knob. Other important FMS buttons are assigned to the Saitek Auto Pilot when in CRS mode as I have a QGMC710 auto pilot module which works brilliantly & has made the Saitek redundant. Cheers
  9. Yes there is if you have SPAD.neXt which allows you to program a button/keyboard press in a designated range of your throttle axis. I have a PFC throttle set & have it set up to use one of the prop levers as the mixture axis & one of my throttle axis as throttle 1. I have it set so as I move into the reverse gate range of my throttle SPAD switches on the reverser. Moving the lever back out of the gate automatically moves the throttle to ground idle. Works quite well.
  10. If you have SPAD.neXt you can also get your throttle to enter beta/reverse range by assigning the command at the desired position of your axis thus eliminating having to press a button.
  11. Happily so far I've not experienced this however on touchdown I have to be careful as the nose wheel tends to lift off again if I'm not careful going in to reverse.
  12. @0zz have had a look for the snippets however nothing appearing as yet. Do they take a while to get uploaded? Anyway I re programmed the inner & outer knobs to the Saitek radio panel & that solved the issue. Must be something in the background using the heading selection on the auto pilot. Anyway all good now. Thanks for your help.
  13. @RobW05 what I'm meaning is that I can access these windows OK until I use the inner knob via the Saitek panel. Once this has happened I can no longer access these panels even if I try to do it with my mouse selecting appropriate soft keys back on the map page. This remains the case until the next time I start the sim. Using the inner knob with my mouse causes no issue until after I use the Saitek knob. Prior to using the Saitek panel the windows are always accessible using the mouse, so using the Saitek knob is causing an issue preventing the panels appearing again. Hope Iv'e explained it a little better now. @0zz Thanks for posting those. I'll get them this evening & have a look.
  14. @RobW05, command I'm using is G1000n3 FMS Inner Down & Up events. I'm using my Saitek Auto Pilot as it's totally redundant for this aircraft after buying the great QGMC710 by Quickmake covered in another thread in this forum. Also I have a flap lever on my PFC Throttle TQ so no need for the Saitek one there either. I have it programmed so when I rotate the selector knob on the Saitek to CRS then operate the rotary knob it changes the map range in the MFD. Hdg selects the FMS Outer knob & IAS the inner knob. All work well except as mentioned once I activate the inner knob I no longer see the schematic graphics which appear when you select "system" followed by ELEC, FUEL & GEN with the softkeys at the bottom of the MFD. Prior to using the IAS knob these graphics are OK. The outer knob & range selections cause no issues. The buttons I have programmed for things like activating the cursor, Dir, Enter, Fpl, Proc etc. @0zz, what you have programmed sounds interesting so yes would love to see the snippets. As I've found over the years with Spad & the Saitek gear regardless of programming I find some odd commands popping up that weren't put there by me at times & often I can't find why this happens. Particularly with Carenado aircraft in P3D. This may be the case with me using the IAS switch for this particular set of commands.
  15. Thanks Rob, The command I'm using for the MFD does end in n3 as I found none of the others worked so find it weird that using it (with my Saitek Auto Pilot) causes an issue with the Systems graphics. Will persevere as I find it more beneficial to have a hardware option to turn those fiddly knobs.
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