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  1. Muddie2202

    TBM Perf

    Try this, https://pohperformance.com/ and select the TBM I use it all the time
  2. Hi I have been using this https://pohperformance.com/TBM/index.html Its not to bad, give it a go
  3. Goran did you require me to provide any log files etc
  4. Hello Goran, Thanks for your response the pathways appears on the approaches, how ever in flight pathways do appear on very rare occasions appear then fade out. I am running Vulkan
  5. Good morning, Have the HUD and the Synthetic Vision Pathways Display been resolved as yet or will this be handled by a future release
  6. I have turned on the appropriate settings for synthetic viewing, I have also started by deleting the current airframe and creating a new one to see if this would affect the out come
  7. Hi guys i have just uploaded TBM 900 v1.1.13 Update. Great work by all those people involved. Do I stand corrected that the synthetic vision "Pathways" has not been corrected in this update. I have not deleted the configuration from the previous v1.1.12 would this be a contributing factor ?
  8. I am not sure if this is an issue that I have caused or not. I do not see any traffic appearing on the traffic map I know that my my system is not the ultimate that everyone has but I am able to push it to the limits with out any problem I do see traffic appearing on the navigation map Is this an issue arising from 11.50 of X-Plane ? Log.txt
  9. I never have anything like that what so, the approx that I get is around the 48-52 amps. And that is following the whole procedure. The only item that I do not do is to turn the strobes on until I enter the runway which is standard practice that we follow here in Australia
  10. Select "PFD" then select "ALT UNIT" then select what you want either "IN" or "HPA"
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