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  1. Apologies if my tone was a bit off - I have a better understanding now for the intended purpose of the HotStart TBM. May I suggest future consideration be given to having two available modes to choose from: (a) game (b) simulator. The difference is items conducive to been used in more of a "traditional" simulator environment - p-factor, restoring default config, removing ancillary menu functionality. It is somewhat dangerous to train for example, without p-factor as it creates a "lazy foot" which can cause a roll on go-around in the real world.
  2. Tonight I'm trying to work on windsheer events, simulating them in different scenarios. I've sent the most of time not flying but dealing with this utterly stupid "persistence" regime. This doesn't exist at Simcom or FSI or anywhere else a professional sim is used. Why does the developer force this upon us and make the whole thing really amateurish?
  3. Manuel, I suspect the hold function is not coded into HotStart TBM. There should be 3 hold functions: 1) as part of the missed approach or STAR 2) Hold at Waypoint 3) Hold at Present Position Perhaps submit a feature request to the HotStart?
  4. For us cockpit builders, the TBM being ported to FS2020 would be the ultimate combination. The TBM930 in FS2020 won't support home cockpit G1000 displays as it uses the G3000. Would it be possible to release a copy for FS2020? Happy to pay even $100 for the same.
  5. If it is a coded into the sim, this is how it works on Garmin: 1) Go FPL page 2) highlight fix you which to hold at 3) Press MENU and then HOLD AT WAYPOINT 4) Enter prefered INBOUND or OUTBOUND course and LEG TIME. Ignore EFC (expect further clearance, it's just a helpful timer).
  6. As a real TBM pilot, this is the single most critical element of a good simulator. It has caused the most TBM accidents as per this report: https://www.bea.aero/uploads/tx_scalaetudessecurite/loss.of.control.on.fast.single.engine.turboprop.aircraft.en_04.pdf Removing P-Factor and delayed spool time of the turbine from idle will potentially mean TBM pilots should not use the simulator. May I please ask that the delayed pool and torque effects are correctly modelled as I do need them for practise? p.s. how it is possible to also model the delayed spool time and correctly when the
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