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  1. It's funny you mention Kinevo's video because I just watched it this morning and then purchased the two airports so I can recreate his flight. Not an easy landing for sure. I don't know what may have caused this, Goran, but I will keep an eye on it and if I run into it again will try to send you any pertinent log files or other info that may point to a cause. I am reluctant to use the vile "b" word but maybe this one qualifies. We'll see. Thanks for following up. I still think this is the best sim aircraft in the hangar. —SH
  2. Goran, I just re-read the section of the QSG on the Yaw Damper where it states that turning off the AP automatically disables the YD as well. In addition, landing with the damper on is prohibited because it would interfere with manual controls. So I am certain I have not landed or done anything else with the YD before, during or after landing. And all of the instances I discuss here pertain to pre-start operations where I have not even turned on the battery. So I am wondering how it is possible to get this caution warning and resulting freeze up before I have even touched the controls. To
  3. Goran, Thanks for replying (again) and so quickly. The puzzling thing is I recall you or someone else saying this precise thing about this issue so I am always careful to turn off YD at the same time I disengage AP. Yet I still get this caution message. And as I mentioned, it is often triggered by going into the flight setup page and selecting a different startup point. That seems to send everything into a tizzy resulting in a total freezeup. I will keep track of this and let you know if it reoccurs. I will also keep my eye on the YD button to be certain it's off prior to landing. Thanks.
  4. I am puzzled by a caution message that occurs often when I first load the TBM900. "CAUTION: Yaw damper must be OFF the ground!" First of all I never left the yaw damper on the ground and have no idea how it got there. Nor do I have any idea how to fix it. Whenever I get this message I am stuck and have to restart XPlane. Does anyone (Goran?) know what causes this and how to prevent it in the future? Thanks for any advice on this. —SH Note... I discovered this problem seems to happen if I relocate the aircraft by selecting a new start location in the Aircraft Setup window. All of this, of
  5. Hi Jean. You know, you may be right there, about the right side door. I guess the FO just has to climb in via the cargo door and slide in between the seats.
  6. Don't know if this forum includes suggestions for future updates but here's one anyway... I notice the F.O. is missing a door and the emergency exit door does not open. I hope this omission will be fixed in a future update. There are so many other terrific functional features on this aircraft it seems strange to have these key doors missing or not operational. Just sayin'... —SH
  7. Hi Goran, I considered doing what you suggest but then I am turning off every message, not just the offending one. So I just hit the "X" and make it disappear. Eventually the fringes of my monitor start turning pink at which point I finally open the door.
  8. Yes. Full disclosure... shortly after I purchased my yoke I decided to "modify" it by replacing the springs for the roll axis with rubber bands. They produced a much smoother action. I left the springs in place for pitch but the friction of the yoke shaft (which I periodically lubricate) occasionally causes it to stick, resulting in the behavior described. Now that I see the result I will pay more attention to this detail.
  9. I get this message band also, but only on the ground when everything is shut down or when I am inside prepping for a flight. In all cases the door is closed. It does seem odd that the only way to avoid getting this red banner alert is to keep the cockpit door open or start up the engines. Maybe a $5 battery driven fan would solve it. Or just disabling this message. But that may be unwise as you may need to see that in certain circumstances. Any thoughts Goran?
  10. @jfjoubert I think you may have nailed it. I was just doing a flight and got distracted so I never checked during the short cruise phase. However during the descent I noticed the airplane doing it's "bobbing" motion as you describe it. Since we were on autopilot I didn't want to mess with the manual trim so i just tried first gently pushing then pulling back on the yoke. Two tries back and the bobbing stopped. Now my Eclipse yoke is anything but accurate so it entirely possible that it was just "fighting" the autopilot which kept trying to trim the aircraft up properly while the yoke kept
  11. I appreciate the reply. Not sure it applies in my case. I use a CH Eclipse yoke and have mapped an unused lever to handle rudder trim. And it works quite well. For vertical trim I use the #1 and #2 keys on my keyboard. And they work well also. I will try the #3 and 4 keys for rudder and see if that works as well and if it resolves this issue. As for the issue itself, it seems to occur during straight cruise flight, though I will check on that today to verify. And as I said, it is not a dramatic "shaking" or anything like that. It is rather a slight but noticeable "oscillating" of the nose/tail
  12. Thank you Jean. I DO have that enabled. Are there any other suspects? I tried setting my yoke sensitivity to 50% but that had no effect (and might effect other controls.) To be clear, it's not a "violent" shaking or anything like that. It's just that instead of a nice steady view from inside the aircraft, or a nice steady view of the aircraft from outside, I get a repetitive up and down motion that causes the landscape to constantly bob up and down in the windscreen and the airplane to do the same from outside. Can't that setting as I do have that checked. Thanks for the reply, Jean. I
  13. Just want to throw a note into the pile here regarding a strange phenomenon I am seeing, still, in my TBM900 flight performance. After resetting my yoke to allow 30% less control sensitivity, which I thought would solve this issue, I still see my airplane "bobbing" up and down in level flight, at nominal speed, with no external (weather) conditions. I call it "oscillating" but maybe there is a better term. Regardless how you describe it I would like to know if it is intentional, i.e. "supposed to look that way to simulate normal aircraft behavior" or something that is out of the ordinary requi
  14. Jean, indeed you did. I just explained the entire procedure to a friend who was puzzled by the same issue. So you get a "two-fer" award for that tip! Be well. —SteveH
  15. @jfjoubert Brilliant! Thank you VERY much for this tip. I will execute on my next flight. On my last flight (today), anticipating the veer to the left I held my right yoke paddle (right rudder) just a bit and it worked very well. Had a nice smooth takeoff straight down the runway. But I will definitely map the L/R yaw to either a button or maybe one of my unused levers. Thanks again! —SteveH
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