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  1. Here's the original script... for anyone else that might be looking for it as well. ixeg_throttle_control.lua
  2. Hi, Here's what I'm using... a bit sensitive on the reverse, but probably due to the small travel in the axis. Hope it helps...
  3. Hi Team, Are there any plans for a set of datarefs containing the CDU screen data for add-on developers? The existing CDU datarefs are not exposing the screen details in a consistent way, so this would be really nice to have. I have written an Android app which displays a virtual CDU on the tablet, but I lack some details to make it look "authentic" to the IXEG CDU display. Thanks, Jean
  4. Not sure if you got this working in the meantime, but here's a possible solution: Instead of using the DataRef function, use XPLMFindDataRef. When setting the values in your command simply use the XPLMSetDataf function. cdu1_initref = XPLMFindDataRef("ixeg/733/FMC/cdu1_initref") create_command("ixeg/733/FMC/cdu1_initref", "cdu1_initref", "", "XPLMSetDataf(cdu1_initref, 1)", "XPLMSetDataf(cdu1_initref, 0)") Note that cdu1_iniref is of type float, hence why I'm using the XPLMSetDataf function, but you could also use the XPLMSetDatai function for integers. In this case it doesn't matter as all button datarefs are either 0 or 1.
  5. Hi, here's the LUA script for the IXEG 737. I don't have the Carenado so unfortunately I cannot change the script for it. You'll have to make the changes in the script for the Carenado and map your throttle quadrant switches in the sim. ixeg_fuel_lever_commands.lua
  6. There is sim/cockpit/autopilot/vertical_velocity which is a writable float dataref for "Vertical speed to hold". I assume this is the default X-Plane dataref for vertical speed, but it's ignored by the IXEG. I therefore also assume that the IXEG is using it's own internal "dataref" which is not exposed to the outside world. I think this is one for Tom to have a look at.
  7. It would certainly be nice to have a dataref which will indicate when the throttle servos are active or not. I built a prototype motorised throttle (i.e. pieces of wood and lots of wires and stuff) which uses normal model airplane servos. As I don't have a slip clutch I need to know when the actual servos in the sim is driving the throttle levers so I can switch off my servos whenever the real servos are not active... like when AT ARM in white is shown.
  8. This should be fairly easy to implement as X-Plane already provides a built-in command to pause (and un-pause) the sim. So as long as you have the TOD position you can just continuously calculate the distance from the aircraft to TOD and once you're say <5Nm from TOD you pause the sim by calling XPLMCommandOnce(XPLMFindCommand("sim/operation/pause_toggle"));
  9. It will work when you use a Lua script to assign your joystick axis value to the TBM park brake manipulator dataref. Remember that you still need to apply full brakes before setting the parking brake as per the real aircraft. @Goran_M Just something that I've noticed whilst testing this... if you rotate the park brake knob fully clockwise without applying full brakes then you will get the master warning and PARK BRAKE annunciation. The plane will start moving which is to be expected, but now if you apply full brakes after the knob was turned fully clockwise the park brake will suddenly activate. Is this the behaviour of the real aircraft, or should the parking brake only activate when turning the knob whilst holding down the brakes?
  10. I assume with all the visual changes coming with the new release that an updated paintkit should follow...
  11. Looks as though Gizmo is running out of memory... G64: 300.780: Memory Allocation Error: Run(gui): bake_trigger: not enough memory G64: 300.781: Memory Allocation Error: Run(gui): bake_ehsi: not enough memory G64: 300.781: Memory Allocation Error: Run(timer): xs_sound_engine: not enough memory Maybe @Ben Russell can have a look?
  12. Hot Start TBM 900 "Blue & Gold" (N900EP) View File To install, unzip and place in your X-Aviation TBM-900 livery folder. If you like it leave a comment as appreciation. Submitter jfjoubert Submitted 05/10/2020 Category General Aviation Livery For http://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/product_info.php/take-command-hot-start-tbm-900-p-158 X-Plane Version(s) X-Plane 11  
  13. Version 1.0.0


    To install, unzip and place in your X-Aviation TBM-900 livery folder. If you like it leave a comment as appreciation.
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