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  1. He doesn't need Philip to update the model, he has done this before for Xplane 11 and I don't see why he can't redo textures, add pollys, more detail to the model for Xplane 12.
  2. Is there a reason? Jrollon doesn't do Xplane dev anymore? Just curious.
  3. Jrollon, Will you be updating the CRJ 200 for Xplane 12 visually at least? It looks so dated now.
  4. No worries, ... Just a question in regards to changing speed from what is setup in the FMC. For example, I would like to fly slower what's on the legs page as I approach my destination to give myself more time to setup the aircraft for landing. One option is to just get out of VNAV and use MCP speed but what about changing the speed in FMC and still using VNAV (for descend/speed)? Is that possible right now? If not, when do you think it will be possible to change speed restrictions in FMC and have VNAV follow these modified speeds?
  5. Reporting bug (running latest version): Create any flight plan and finish programming the FMC. Then go to legs page and try to change "speed only" on any of the legs by typing the desired speed (ex: 200/) and pressing line select key. When I try to do that Gizmo console comes up with an error line: Callback_Dref_Hooked_setDataf: cdul_lsk 4R onWrite: [string "ixeg.733.fmc.legs.lua.ral"]:950:attempt to index local 'altInput' (a boolean value) If I am required to type in 200/5000 (speed/alt) instead of just speed shouldn't the FMC display invalid entry? Btw, the value ends up in the FMC (I can see it displayed) but the line select key stops working (ie. clicking this LSK results in no response until you reload lua scripts probably because of the error). Attached is screenshot of the error.
  6. After extensive testing I would like to close this question. It was my joystick that was causing me all these problems. I have adjusted CWS joystick dead zone and everything works as expected.
  7. All, Sometimes on climb my VNAV gets disengaged and switches to CWS P. Probably caused by my joystick (it is a bit noisy, I will play with CWS joystick dead zone later). Nevertheless, when that happens, what is the correct procedure to switch back from CWS P to VNAV? Pushing the VNAV button doesn't work, or should it work? ... Maybe my joystick is interfering when I try to do this as I lean over my desk to enable VNAV on my GF MPC hardware? Let me know.
  8. Yes. And that's the only one I use. I used to use the older tool (DRE) but did not like its rigid UI. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. Tom, I know what happened. When I typed this dataref in dataref inspector, it couldn't find it and displayed it as "ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_vs_dial_ann(0)" <= I thought, that it found it and it had a zero value. Long story short, this dataref never displayed for me in the dataref inspector. I am using Dataref tool by Lee C Baker. What dataref inspector are you using? I took a leap of faith and programmed that dataref into my GF interface tool anyways and it works. Any reasons why this dataref is not showing up in my dataref inspector?
  10. Thanks Tom for detailed explanation. 1) The dataref "ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_vs_dial_ann" seems not to get updated, it is always zero (looking through dataref inspector). 2) The datarefs "ixeg/733/engine/eng1_rev_angle", "ixeg/733/engine/eng2_rev_angle" are read-only so I will have to use the original Xplane's datarefs for setting reverse thrust. Let me know about #1 item work around.
  11. Tom, The dataref ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_vs_target_act is only an actuator for moving V/S knob, ... I would like to display the current set V/S in fpm on my 7Seg display on the mcp. Another question: When A/T is active and servos are engaged, currently I am using dataref "sim/flightmodel/engine/ENGN_thro_use" to read the current position of the levers to drive my throttle levers. It works for most part but sometimes my levers retard without reason and then come back again to correct position (I have to investigate further why but it is probably related to the dataref I have mentioned that I use to track my thrust inputs). The question is: Is this the dataref that I should be using for this purpose? Btw, for Xplane's default 737 I use dataref "sim/flightmodel/engine/ENGN_thro" without any issues. This dataref doesn't work with ixeg 737 when in A/T is on and servos are engaged since these values are not populated.
  12. Quick question to Litjan: Is there a dataref exposed that allows me to check whether throttle servos are engage or disengaged at any point in time? I have throttle quadrant that is motorized but as you know with A/T armed, the servos can be disengaged and the re-engaged under various circumstances such as on T/O or during descend using LVL change mode. Right now, I only look at the MCP's n1/speed/lvl change modes to determine when to engage the A/T servos but unfortunately that's not sufficient. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. I was using "sim/cockpit2/autopilot/vvi_dial_fpm" which works fine with standard Xplane aircraft, unfortunately like you said, IXEG uses an internal dataref. FYI: The interface documentation is out of date. The command "ixeg/733/autopilot/TOGA" has been removed from latest version but is still in the documentation.
  14. Oh, ... I think I understand the issue here ... anything with suffix _act mean actuator position ... not the actual MCP A/P value ... Okay, so I'll use the Xplane's dataref for Course/hdg/alt/speed. But what about V/S? How do I set this value? Xplane's dataref sim/cockpit2/autopilot/vvi_dial_fpm is ignored and you don't seem to have a dataref for it. Please advise.
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