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  1. Hello there, when i switched from the tbm to the saab xplane crashed and now I am unable to activate any x-aviation plane. What could be the problem? Regards, Roland Edit: working again after reboot and de-install xcpl plugin Log.txt
  2. Pull to manually set speed, instead of by mcp
  3. Right click the installer, goto compatibility settings. Select disable dpi scaling done by system in the pulldown box. This is on w10 btw
  4. Hi there, not sure if this warrents a ticket. I am going to change my OS SSD for a bigger one, this means changing my HW. Where can I see how many activations I have left? Or can anyone tell me? What to do if none are left? regards, Roland
  5. Why dont you wingflex guys go do some more manual raw data departures and approaches. I bet you wont miss the lack of wingflex lol
  6. If i used them all up i plan to contact xa before the de install / re install. See where they stand and then act accordingly. Maybe that is an idea for you next time.
  7. hi Jürgen, from what OPS stuff I read, you want to be at (no lower preferably) 50 ft over the threshold of the rwy, then at 20 ft thrust idle and when youget the "whoa shit" feeling you "break" by pulling the nose up a few degrees. No real flaring like in light aircraft or gliders is done. If you nail it, when you break the ground effect helps and you get very smooth landings. This feels very rewarding as in real life. (landings are the best part of the flight imho.) ofc, im no expert with 0 time on seats that matter in the real 737 -roland
  8. No worries. This is normal. It auto reactivates after 180 days.
  9. disregard the 5 year joke that was directed at x-ivap development. Didnt realise this light thing was even an ixeg issue.
  10. 2 bad "soon" could also mean 5+ years in flight simming ;). Lets hope not.
  11. the yellow text can be turned off by unticking tagging (in ivap) The big square light thing is an issue that has yet to be resolved. (tbh it amazes me how good the mtl's look in fsx/p3d and in contrast how bad they look (csl) in xplane. I hope, and cautiously expect, this to change in the near future due to more and more people moving over to XP, and making it a more profitable market so more devs take interest. If Nils is on to a solution for the lights beeing so big, I'd be very interested Kills immersion atm. The pic you show is what i'd like to see, with regards to nav lig
  12. no fps under 20 for me, but my usual copilot has a shitty pc, so maybe that is a problem. Elev trim is on a button on my stick. Is this latest file you added without weather? (i think thats the best option) (edit: didn't look before talking, never mind) Thx for the time you put in, shared pit is really cool.
  13. We have the same. Master is smooth but slave always jitters/ lags plus a lot of trim action
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