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  1. Thank you. Terminal Weather Information for Pilots. Author: Richard J Boll ! Slide 1 (faa.gov)
  2. @FYG001 Hi. Thanks for your pictures. On the Datalink page of the CDU there is a TWIP option. What is its use ?
  3. Hi Rich, Have you considered buying a used 3080 (10GB or 12GB) on eBay ?
  4. Hi Rich What is your screen resolution ? 8GB for sure will be enough for a 1920 * 1080 screen.
  5. In 2 pictures. This is with swift, should be similar with X-Pilot.
  6. Yes, it is. The installer will detect your X Plane version.
  7. If you join the Discord server, you will be abble to request for the beta of the upcoming 1.7 release. With this beta, you will have the ability to fly with an other pilot in your cockpit. Fantastic training tool.
  8. Hi Hervé Good catch. Thank you. So, preferably, create a secondary FP before inserting the star.
  9. The magic of skiselkov. Not only ADF signals are managed: libradio/INTERFACE.txt at master · skiselkov/libradio · GitHub
  10. So, with a beta key, you will be able to join the cl650-beta-team chat room of Discord, and report the bugs here.
  11. If you have time: install your usual custom sceneries , simHeaven, etc. Execute the same flight plan with the stock 737 or any other jet you are comfortable with. Will it crash at the same location ?
  12. Send a private message to totoritko
  13. Possible. Try to remove also simHeaven X-Europe.
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