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  1. Very late for an answer indeed. I am sorry for that. In few days, i will push an update for the last release of smartcopilot (3.1.3). Some parameters must be identical on both sides (Master & Slave): AIRAC Flight plan in if you want to use a prefilled flight plan. “Runway follows the terrain” should be the same “ON” or “OFF” Mesh Sceneries Same location (gate or runway) Same state (Cold and Dark or engines running) Same plugins: Avitab, BetterPushBack….
  2. First step, upgrade your SAM plugin, if not done update your BB set: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/37041-bluebell-obj8-csl-packages/
  3. Good day, Indeed, your swift install is wrong. Is it a 0.9.5.xx release (Mandatory for XP 11.50)? If your are in trouble, join the MacOS chanel, users and devs will help you. http://swift-project.org/contact/ Aside notes: Your simHeaven_X_Europe is may be not correctly installed, or outdated. Your Sam plugin (AOS) must be 2.07 or 2.10 for XP11.50.
  4. I have not ASXP. Have you for sure the same weather and same refresh rate of the weather on both side? Try with weather sync and the stock weather injector. Things not sync: an old limitation. Nothing we can do, only the devs can.
  5. Hi, Not by me, i am a LES pilot. FYI, i will update the file as soon as the LES Saab is updated. Aside note: Is it the good place for such a request?
  6. Thank you Rhard. Monitoring the FPS is a good idea. Harry, can you install DiscreetFPS (https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/19392-discreetfps-display-the-current-framerate-discreetly/) on both computers? The framerate is displayed in different colors, ranging from red for framerate 20 or lower, gradually going over orange, amber and yellowgreen to green for 36 and up.
  7. File updated for SmartCo 3.1.1 https://sky4crew.com/download/737-classic-1-2-betterpushback/
  8. An update for Smartco 3.1.0 and the 1.51 release. https://sky4crew.com/smartcopilot-3-1-released/ https://sky4crew.com/download/saab-340a-1-3-2017-06-21/
  9. A new file for SmartCopilot 3.0.0 https://sky4crew.com/download/ixeg-737-classic/ PS: more than 20.000 downloads of the old file.
  10. hi JGregory, The ICAO code will be useful for the network plugins. About networks, could you create and send a set of CSL to the X-CSL team? As Saso did for his TBM. https://csl.x-air.ru/info
  11. Today, almost 15.000 downloads!
  12. You should push your request here: https://github.com/skiselkov/BetterPushbackC/pulls
  13. Hi, For the second time, a release includes something about smartco. Great, thanks to saso and the smartco config garage. The most exiting features of the plane are wear and tears, failures. Is this doable? Create override wear datarefs. For example tbm900/override/comps/airframe/hstab/elv_act/wear = 0 (no override) or 1 (override active). So, scp/api/ismaster = 0 no connection, or smartco not installed: override = 0 scp/api/ismaster = 1 this is the slave machine: override = 1 , values will be received from the master thru the [CONTIN
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