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  1. @skiselkov @Goran_M Hi, I am writing a smartco file for the Challenger. There is few showstoppers. If there is any interest, and if your time permit: There is no writable datarefs to synchronize the different knobs of the AP: Baro, speed, heading, course, altitude. Custom override are missing for: CL650/pedals/0/brake/L_value CL650/pedals/0/brake/R_value CL650/pedals/1/brake/L_value CL650/pedals/1/brake/R_value CL650/sidepanel/left/tiller_value Less important: Ground services: request / release with custom commands (AC / DC, ASU, Fuel, Deice). Minor: A command to activate the tablet in the galley, CL650/snd/cabin_pa/volume is not writable, commands for the announcements.
  2. Well none, thank you for sharing @N1K
  3. Solved. Read here: Nosewheel steering - Saab 340A - X-Pilot (x-pilot.com)
  4. Hi, Salut, English only here. Google translate is your friend. Forum en anglais uniquement (Règle acceptée lors de l'inscription). Un système de traduction en ligne devrait être suffisant. Problem already reported multiple times. Just wait for the devs. Problème reporté de nombreuses fois. Attendons patiemment le passage des dévelopeurs.
  5. Great support. Thank you. We can live as it is waiting for the upcoming V2.
  6. Hi JGregory. So, probably the end of shared cockpit.
  7. Good day Mattyboyyy, Do you really expect an answer about thranda datarefs here ? You should post here SmartCopilot - fly together online - Page 43 - X-Plane Developers and Plugins - X-Plane.Org Forum (x-plane.org) , and / or here Carenado - Alabeo Support - X-Plane.Org Forum (x-plane.org) Probably an answer here: Hangar ⋆ Sky4Crew
  8. Hi Matt, I know, this is not the answer you are waiting. I have not the other Saab. The LES one is really done to be flown on both seats, which is perfect in a shared cockpit, with very few limitations. I fly it since 2013. It has been continuously improved by the team, so I have no reason to buy the other Saab and spend days to write a new smartco file (Sometimes no doable at all, or with too much limitations, and often with no help from the devs). If you are not money limited, buy it.
  9. les/sf34a/acft/aplt/mnp/cw_ap_disco_button_pilot or les/sf34a/acft/aplt/mnp/cw_ap_disco_button_copilot
  10. Ticks on the 2D popup are not synchronized. You can check outside, they are. What happen if you do an autostart with a delay of 1 second ? Test smartco 3..3.0b1 : All versions ⋆ Sky4Crew Let me know. I have done severall flights with 2 different pilots without problems.
  11. Your FWL script is probably the culprit. [ADVANCED RENDERING OPTIONS WARN]: [STACK]:| fetchDataRef : DataRefsHandler::luaFetchDataRef: can't find dataref <sim/private/controls/shadow/csm/far_limit> End of your .log: --=={This application has crashed!}==-- (Art controls are modified.) Art controls = sim/private/controls/ Art Controls Are For Hacking | X-Plane Developer (x-plane.com) Our shaders don’t like to be touched | X-Plane Developer (x-plane.com)
  12. Same with Roll Trim. The Pitch Reset button have no effect. At least for me.
  13. See here: Climb mode changed? - Saab 340A - X-Pilot (x-pilot.com)
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