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Found 7 results

  1. I have successfully mapped my CH Eclipse yoke to operate the throttle through Flight Idle, advance, retard and Rev/Taxi modes. Works great. What I would like to be able to do is switch the lever over from Flight Idle to High Idle (or back) then by using an unused yoke lever, move it down to Low Idle and Fuel Cutoff and back up to High Idle. Does anyone know if and how this might be done?
  2. I am puzzled by a caution message that occurs often when I first load the TBM900. "CAUTION: Yaw damper must be OFF the ground!" First of all I never left the yaw damper on the ground and have no idea how it got there. Nor do I have any idea how to fix it. Whenever I get this message I am stuck and have to restart XPlane. Does anyone (Goran?) know what causes this and how to prevent it in the future? Thanks for any advice on this. —SH Note... I discovered this problem seems to happen if I relocate the aircraft by selecting a new start location in the Aircraft Setup window. All of this, of
  3. Don't know if this forum includes suggestions for future updates but here's one anyway... I notice the F.O. is missing a door and the emergency exit door does not open. I hope this omission will be fixed in a future update. There are so many other terrific functional features on this aircraft it seems strange to have these key doors missing or not operational. Just sayin'... —SH
  4. I have done a number of flights now in the TBM900 and notice often on takeoff that the airplane veers to the left. Ordinarily I would expect the opposite effect from the prop, however I notice the rudder trim indicator is always to the left of the centerline. I do not have rudder pedals in my sim setup. Instead I use the paddles on my CH Eclipse yoke, which seem to work perfectly. I tried adjusting the rudder trim with these and while it turned the actual rudder (and front gear) quite well, it did nothing to the rudder trim indicator in the MFD. Can anyone tell me if rudder trim has been imple
  5. In my new TBM900 v1.1.12, when I complete the payload, either selecting one of the set load percentages or selecting items manually I close the payload window then close the doors. I then look into the aircraft and am surprised to see no passengers when I had loaded three. Also I see a male copilot instead of the female I had selected. While this last behavior strikes me as poor social correctness I am more concerned that a) I am doing something wrong or b) the aircraft software has a defect. Usually it's "a" but in this case I cannot see any error on my part. I have read and followed the UIG
  6. At risk of sounding really ignorant... I have been trying to find out what the gadget on top of the glareshield in the TBM900 is and how to use it properly. I looked through all of the available manuals and other documents for the aircraft but cannot find anything on this implement. If someone has a link to what this is and how it works I would greatly appreciate it. Note... I have subsequently learned that this device is an "angle of attack" indicator or "Alpha Indicator". How it works and how to "read" the various indications within it is still a mystery to me. If anyone has that infor
  7. I have a CH Eclipse Yoke with three levers that can be mapped to various functions. I generally use the blue/left lever to control the throttle. I tried this with the TBM900 and it does not seem to function. I suspect the dual motion feature of this lever (left/right, forward/back) interferes with this mapping function. Does anyone know if there is a way to map a lever to perform this function on the TBM or to perhaps map a control key, with the lever, to control L/R F/B motions? Thanks for any advice on this. Note: Working on an iMac with the XPlane v11.41r1
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