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  1. Also solved this Problem with this liverie - it is a nice working and very elegant solution! The liverie is made by Razor94, found here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/49405-hotstart-tbm-900-d-fsbg/ As described you can use the two overhead png's for your other liveries.
  2. In your screenshot there is something with "Spad"... I have plugin for Spad Next (a tool for assigning buttons from saitek panels). But I didnt had it running when it crashed. As I dont use it with the TBM I will delete the Spad Next Plugin... maybe this plugin crashed it.
  3. Hello! First time on new version, it crashed to desktop during setup (I already had the flightplan in and was setting up the PFD with first heading and so on) Logs attached. Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  4. We have to uninstall it before updating, do we?
  5. The most similar case I found is this -
  6. On the screenshot it is just the configuration of my first tries... I tried all sorts of combinations without success. Also tried a BATT only start... I even retracted the coffe cup holder and tried XD
  7. Yes, I will delete the airframe and hope it doesnt happen again... as this would render the wear and tear features of this aircraft useless.
  8. No scripts or hardware. I operate the switch only with the mouse and i can see the animation of it moving upward. Okay, I will report if something changes.
  9. Sorry, I thought I had some wrong switches or something, so I didnt thought about the logs Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  10. Hello! Please help me not going crazy... I thought I know how to start this baby by now - but now she resists to do anything when I flick the starter switch up. Just nothing happens. I attach a few relevant screenshots so that you can see what my setup was at this time. EDIT: I didnt include a screen of the CBs, but they where all in. Thank you
  11. Hello! After some time I am back into XP11 and the awesome TBM... I have to redo my button assignments and found all buttons for the Autopilot. But I have some problems finding the assignments for the MFD Keypad buttons - the most important to me is the FMS Navigation Dial, I would love to bind this one to some buttons because it is very finicky with the mouse. Others like the PLN and PROC would also be nice. Thank you
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