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  1. The map page in active sky is able to show you bad weather. Not like a propper weather radar but it is a top down view.
  2. Can you please share with us how you solved it?
  3. Documentation folder inside the Aircraft folder. There is a QRH, but this fault is not covered in the available Manuals.
  4. As far as I know this is in development... but as it has relative short and stable wings the flex will not be that much, like on the real thing.
  5. Hello! I am curious if this is the case in the real aircraft or if it is some sort of graphical glitch - in any way, it is no big problem. On my last flight the TOD point was exact at the position of a waypoint... first I wondered if there was no TOD calculated, but then I found it behind the Waypoint KOSEB (see screenshot) You can see green parts of the TOD between the letters of KOSEB.
  6. Liters is how they work in real life. This is the idea behind the choice here.
  7. Experienced this once. Loaded into the airplane, no audio. Restarted xplane, audio back.
  8. There where definately no probe covers on after checking it... I triple checked. EDIT: I completed the flight already, but I just loaded again into the aircraft (always using career mode) and checked if there are ANY probe covers on... No covers found.
  9. Hello! I accidentally activated the probe cover because of the clickspot problem... But I solved it by removing the probe cover. So far so good, but how do I clear the "EFIS MISCOMP" warning from the CAS list? There is no clear/recall warnings button, or is there?
  10. Adding screenshots of the above mentioned dark refueling panel. I dont use any Shaders or similar plugins.
  11. I have a small thing to add... The switches of the refueling panel are so black, I cant see which position they are... Only when i look from near 90 deg from the side.
  12. I also have experienced this. Two times when in cruise near the TOD. Fps went from around 40 to 20 (which is bad when flying vatsim). Rest of flight was normal fps. System specs in signature.
  13. Hello! Over at smartcockpit.com we have system documents for the CL605. I know that our 650 has more modern avionics, but are systems like hydraulics,fuel,pneumatics and so on the same as on the older 605? Thank you!
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