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  1. A simple Uninstall/Reinstall did help with the "Can't use the Battery Switch" thing.
  2. Looks fantastic! I think it is a good idea to save it for all airframes, as most people would use the same controlls for different airframes.
  3. I think one notch per use is sufficiant. As we have to move the lever at startup from cutoff to auto rich, we have to move over the auto lean notch. If we have to hold it for x amount of time it could be too late for the engine to start. You guys are awesome by the way, asking a user what would be nice to use!
  4. Up/Down for the Mixture would be awesome! So when we push the Up button for example, the safety paddle is pushed and moves the lever to the next higher detent and releases the paddle.
  5. Would be nice to be able to set the Mixture positions via a button assignment... Clicking and moving the lever with mouse is very unreliable and finicky. This is very annoying especially during engine start.
  6. You can find them in post #8 and #10 in this topic : https://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/27106-activate-state-not-working-airplane-in-general-not-usable/
  7. How can we check if it is activated? I load into the aircraft, no activation window or so pops up... I also had windows security off during install, have the whole XP12 folder excluded and I use a rule for Windows Firewall...
  8. I attach the XP12 log here... Did not find a DC3 log. Log.txt
  9. Also tried, still not working. Seems heavy bugged. Would be nice if the Dev could chime in...
  10. I also have the whole XP folder excluded from Win Security
  11. I dont know if they are usable with axis - Because they have fixed positions (Auto Lean, Auto Rich...) you have to click the paddle on the lever and move it with the mouse (or axis - did not trie yet because of license problems) to the next position where the paddle should spring back again to fix the lever in postition.
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