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  1. Hello! Since a few days I use the Realsimgear GCU47X for the TBM900... Now I wondered if anyone found a way to bind some buttons and knobs for the Challenger as well? For the TBM I need an ini file - is this the only way to bind buttons for it? Thank you!
  2. Always nice to post a short info how you solved/found it... Someone else could have the same problem and could be happy to find your solution!
  3. Push MENU on the DCP - the top option is SVS.
  4. Still something wrong with the folder naming in V1.2... It should be this way:
  5. Hello! I tried to find the answer in the system descriptions from Smartcockpit, but but either I didn't get it or I didn't find it... As the title says, why is N2 showing yellow when I activate wing and cowl anti ice at the same time? Thank you!
  6. The map page in active sky is able to show you bad weather. Not like a propper weather radar but it is a top down view.
  7. Can you please share with us how you solved it?
  8. Documentation folder inside the Aircraft folder. There is a QRH, but this fault is not covered in the available Manuals.
  9. As far as I know this is in development... but as it has relative short and stable wings the flex will not be that much, like on the real thing.
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