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  1. XCD Scenery Technology: Out of range, stopping
  2. I did test long time ago, but I cannot remember which version it works. But right now with latest version v1.1.12, it just doesn't work, whenever I switch between OpenGL/Vulkan popup/pfd1/x = 0 popup/pfd1/y = 100 popup/pfd1/w = 1024 popup/pfd1/h = 768 popup/pfd1/monitor = 3
  3. here is the new plugin qmdev for Quickmade devices
  4. hi Bruno QGMC710 is out of stock right now, and QGMC710V2 is under development, so please be patient
  5. here is how Quickmade he makes his products https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1jt411w7kB/?spm_id_from=333.788.videocard.5
  6. XP11.40R2 experiemental flight model has almost fixed this issue
  7. that will be great!!! thank you hotstart team
  8. found root cause today, "experimental flight model", this issue can be easily reproduced under >20knots crosswind, plus "use experimental flight model", you will find the whole TBM9 is almost out of control, by contrast, by dis-selecting "experimental flight model", and also >20knots crosswind, TBM9 is just fine. I tested on 11.36 hope 11.40 will solve this flight model bug, I guess the experimental flight model affects CG of TBM9
  9. a work around is push your yoke forward before you switch to high/low idle
  10. use default 1/2 1/4 load button, will easily reproduce it
  11. you need flywithlua. https://github.com/quickmake/QGMC710/releases
  12. what I do every time to avoid nose up is push your yoke
  13. hi Mauricio, yes, I am discussing with QuickMake. one thing I have to let you know that QuickMake is just one man. so I am worried how long he will take to produce. and if the order is quite big, then I think the whole process of making one piece of QMCP710 must be optimized, or else it will take too long time. I will PM you
  14. hi Mauricio, Thank you for interesting on QGMC710. QGMC710 you can understand of it as a simple game joystick. it is better you go through all customer feedback from all over the world above. I remember it works on MFS, but we don't try it. one thing is it has beautiful background leds, if you want them to work, for sure, you need some software from PC, the development doc is totally open if you/others have the ability to develop on QGMC710. and these LEDs are aircraft specific, you have to adapt them to the specific aircraft model. what we have done it is on Hotstart TBM-900 pl
  15. I did confirm it works. Button 24: tbm900/actuators/ap/nose_down Button 25: tbm900/actuators/ap/nose_up is it possible you had the wrong operation of FLC? can you record a video or something else that we can look at for G1000 scroll page and change range, I bind these keys to my thrustmaster throttle switches. it works perfectly. you can think about it on your joystick. if you have thrustmaster A10 flight stick, you can use my profile file
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