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  1. ok got you Full VNAV functionality for descents with speed and/or altitude restrictions. The FMS gets confused by changing the cruising altitude while enroute and multiple descent restrictions and restrictions of a certain type. Basic unrestricted descents work, though.
  2. I found I asked a silly question here. Today I found Warthog throttle "reverse thrust key press" matches XP default "hold Max reverse thrust" . so axis for reverse it a good option Why I pay hours to find a reverst thrust because "reverse thrust animation" in IXEG comes with a little delay. it makes me to think reverse thrust didn't work
  3. Confirmed, this work-around works. and it is too loud in VR mode in my first try. By switching audio to HP reverb before XP starts, then enable VR in XP, the audio remains loudly I shared my sound levels comfort for my ears
  4. hi Ben, even I tried multi-threaded LuaJIT, it really works, costs 0 fps. I will introduce it into software Qmdev
  5. Thanks Ben, I willl try it out. I heard from Ben in LR, XP12 will abandon openAL, encourage developers to use FMOD. good to know. Thank you
  6. I hesitated to buy IXEG, because as we all know, we have ZIBO 738, FJS 732, FF 757/767, why bother to buy 733 from IXEG? Until XA has a discount of IXEG recently, combining IXEG team has a promise of a update of XP12, I bought it in. Suprisingly, it is the most VR playable Boeing aircraft, meaning it is FPS friendly enough, at least my PC can achieve +30fps in HP reverb G1 VR. someone might say ZIBO, not on my PC, it is less then 24fps, FJS is struggling with 24 as well, FF is a fps killer because of SASL. I understand non-programmers won't care too much about FPS, they just want more FPS, but they really don't care FPS. as a programmer, I understand FPS means good software architecture, it turns out only a couple of FPS, but cost brain more. so I will say IXEG is a good team, has protential to create better product
  7. after switching to VR(HP reverb G1 is based on steamVR), it is not completely no sound, if I engadge reverse thrust, I can hear engine noise. But in all, it is a quite cockpit. I tried restart XP serveral times, it is the same right after switching to VR, before VR, all sound working fine. And once swithed to VR, then disabled VR, IXEG keeps silence and on
  8. gotcha. use X-Plane turbo prop Beta range for IXEG jet reverse thrust. Thanks
  9. I bought IXEG yesterday. and googled hours for Reverse thrust on IXEG 737. What I got is "toggle reverse thrust". Why not IXEG support "Hold reverse thrust at MAX"? it will be much easier for Warthog throttle users
  10. OK then I will buy it today
  11. I tried.it works. this is the best walkaround solution
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