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  1. Thanks to Hotstart team. v1.1.13 comes with Gizmo beta, I found fps drop significantly, I guess it is because new Vulkan rain effect
  2. yes, affirmative. I tried as well
  3. yes, it is ready, there is no V1 any longer https://x-plane.vip/quickmade/qgmc710/ if you buy 710 now, by default QGMC710V2 will be sent. but no news of QMCP737CV2
  4. oh sorry I missed <X-Plane>/Output/TBM900/cockpit_builder.cfg
  5. XCD Scenery Technology: Out of range, stopping
  6. I did test long time ago, but I cannot remember which version it works. But right now with latest version v1.1.12, it just doesn't work, whenever I switch between OpenGL/Vulkan popup/pfd1/x = 0 popup/pfd1/y = 100 popup/pfd1/w = 1024 popup/pfd1/h = 768 popup/pfd1/monitor = 3
  7. here is the new plugin qmdev for Quickmade devices
  8. hi Bruno QGMC710 is out of stock right now, and QGMC710V2 is under development, so please be patient
  9. here is how Quickmade he makes his products https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1jt411w7kB/?spm_id_from=333.788.videocard.5
  10. XP11.40R2 experiemental flight model has almost fixed this issue
  11. that will be great!!! thank you hotstart team
  12. found root cause today, "experimental flight model", this issue can be easily reproduced under >20knots crosswind, plus "use experimental flight model", you will find the whole TBM9 is almost out of control, by contrast, by dis-selecting "experimental flight model", and also >20knots crosswind, TBM9 is just fine. I tested on 11.36 hope 11.40 will solve this flight model bug, I guess the experimental flight model affects CG of TBM9
  13. a work around is push your yoke forward before you switch to high/low idle
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