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  1. eworld

    Crash Bar

    Finally got it! Thanks....
  2. eworld

    Crash Bar

    Been trying to find it (the updater) but having issues getting it installed. That's what I figured too, borked gizmo...
  3. eworld

    Crash Bar

    After updating to latest Active Sky release for X plane I am unable to get the crash bar to stay up when trying to start the battery..It just pops back down. I've turned off Active Sky, removed plugins, tried creating a new airframe but the issues persists. Not running the beta, on the stable release 11.4. TBM900_Log.txt Log.txt
  4. My pathways are missing as well but were missing before the most recent update (1.1.10)
  5. Thanks! Went to visual effects and sure enough, had the glass reflections unchecked...one click and problem solved.
  6. I seem to have lost my sun visors; i have the armatures and they move, but I'm not seeing the actual "shade" part. Any suggestions? Thanks
  7. Thanks Goran! I read it and understand. Jim
  8. At the time, yes 2 AI aircraft.
  9. Autopilot on in cruise...wasn't touching anything at the time. Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  10. Forgot the Xplane log.txt. Here is the last one before latest crash to desktop. Log.txt
  11. This occurs in cruise flight; everything working fine then a crash to desktop. X-plane 11 11.26. Intel i5-8600K 3.6 ghz 16 gigs ram Windows 10 home. TBM900_Log.txt
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