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  1. In the pictures you posted, the Avionics switch is not "on". It's the 5th one from the left...
  2. Yes, please!!! I would even be willing to buy an addon or plugin that could make this happen...
  3. XP_Pilot

    1.1.10 Issues

    I don't think this is a global issue. I don't have ANY of the issues you mentioned. My TBM still flys perfectly after the update. I still have to use right rudder trim on takeoff, so the p-factor is still there for me...
  4. I landed at KMSN and during engine shut down the TBM CTD. XP v 11.40b6 Log attached. When I try to restart and restore the location, it crashes again. Log.txt
  5. Good to know. Thanks
  6. FYI. Noticed this on my flight today. Version 1.1.9
  7. I've started seeing this in flight also since the last update. The only way I can fix it is to set the controls to manual and adjust the fan & temp.
  8. Get errors during install. See Pictures. Running X-Plane 11.32r2 Any Ideas? Thanks
  9. Is your "AP Trim Switch" in the on position in the upper panel?
  10. No Worries, Enjoy your time off...
  11. Everything is "As new" only my brakes are showing up as "Worn" but still green. The only place the ELT actually shows up as failed is in the X-Plane failures menu. It cant be changed there, it immediately goes back to failed.
  12. Yes, I've checked every single page in the manager. I don't see and ELT option anywhere. Can you show me a screenshot of where it should be? Thx.
  13. Goran_M, I don't see any options anywhere in the maintenance manager to repair the ELT or Panel Lights.
  14. My ELT and panel lights have failed but there is no option in the maintenance hangar to fix them. Any idea's??? OTHER than creating a new airframe!!! Thanks. XP: 11.26r2 2019-01-02 20:36:03 TBM900[fail.c:932]: Component Emergency Locator Transmitter has failed due to excessive wear (worn: 100.000000%, slope 1.0). You can prevent this by observing performance limitations and servicing the aircraft regularly in the maintenance hangar. 2019-01-02 20:36:03 TBM900[fail.c:935]: Failure impact: tbm900/failures/avionics/elt 2019-01-02 20:36:03 TBM900
  15. Did you try creating a new airframe? That worked for me when I noticed my oil wasn't degrading...
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