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  1. Thanks for the quick response and looking into those! I get all the object killing, however for my unterstanding, the seal around the emergency exit shouldn't be part of the cabin and thus not be killed on the exterior, should it? On another note, a little idea that came to my mind regard the killing: I wonder if it was possible to make it an option disabling it altogether? With XP12, I (and probably many other users) gained a quite substancial performance headroom that could easily suck up those additional meshes without any issues and eliminate some downsides coming along with the technique. Just an idea, maybe it's only four lines of code to happiness... Cheers!
  2. Hi everyone, thanks for the latest update and XP12 support, absolutely loving it! I came across some smaller issues with how the model renders in XP12 (and some missing polys) and I'd like to pass those on. First and foremost, some areas of the plane seem to have a material assigned that just renders the sky. You can see this primarily at the edges of the windows and shades: But it is also creating see-throughs at various other areas of the plane as basically the entire inside of the model is using that material. This area has not been an issue in XP11 for example: The culling on the rear door is a bit too ambitions and culls the door frame which should remain visible: The emergency exit is either missing a seal all around it's edges or it's the same odd material as mentioned previously: And there's some small gaps at the ceiling towards the cockpit: It would be amazing if you looked into those at some point. Cheers and Merry Christmas! Johannes
  3. Aaaand me again. Regarding culling, something similar is happening to the yellow door rim on the bathroom door:
  4. Thanks for your continued efforts, I really appreciate it! This adds another layer of value onto this top notch product. Can't say that often enough. Let me add another liiiittle thing I came across during my walkarounds. There's some flickering/z-fighting going on at the APU exhaust:
  5. Hi mate! Thanks for the latest update, nothing new to report from my side. (And I'm flying the lady a looooot ). However, one question: should the sliding door fix be in the current version (1.5.2)? The rim still gets culled over here:
  6. Heyo! It's been a while, which is a good sign. Came across another subtle one: All around the door, there's a small gap between the fuselage and the stair rim.
  7. Hello, it's me once again. Once again thanks for the latest fixes! I'll start going through all my reports in this thread and mark the fixed ones with "solved" so it's easier to keep track, even though there's not much more to complain about. However, I've noticed that once you close the cabin door and the culling kicks in, it takes away the small rim above the door aswell, resulting in an unobstructed view to the outside.
  8. Another small one: On the fuel door, the sensor switch is not animated and clipping with the door closed:
  9. My reports tend to get ridiculous, which is a very good sign and speaks for the quality of this model. But as it should be a really easy one: Could you make the curtain clips at the exit a tad longer so they connect to the fabric? Thanks!
  10. Sorry, I may have been a bit unprecise on that one. I get that there's a gap, totally makes sense. The main thing I wanted to point out is that through that gap you can see right into the cabin. There should probably be a seal as you mentioned? Not wanting to argue though, if it's the way you inted it, I'm fine with that. Thanks for your amazingly detailled and fast work!
  11. Small observations on the emergency exit: The entire door has a gap around it on the exterior And the panel on top of the exit window has noch faces on the back, only the edge is visible from the outside: Thanks as always, love you!
  12. And this is why I love Hot Start and this plane. Even better, thanks a lot!
  13. Hi everyone and thanks for all the fixes. Love how you care about the smallest details and improve on them! To me it feels like there's been some work done on those nose hinges, that's why I'd like to revisit the topic: Unfortunately there's still some see-through going on around those. If you ask me they'd need some kind of "cover" around them by extruding the edges of the cutouts along the hinges and cap the hole behind them. Maybe you can take another look at these whenever time allows? I absolutely love this plane, haven't been flying anything else since it's release, so thanks once again for all you achieved!
  14. [SOLVED] Another easy, small one from me. CB panel screw is flickering:
  15. Thanks for acknowledging those! Sorry if they may double, I've checked existing reports, but it's a bit hard to keep track. [SOLVED] May I add another small observation here? There's this part on the nose gear that I think is supposed to be attached to the strut. It just hovers when the gear is extending though. Very well visible from the front during extension:
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