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  1. Great - thanks for helping out!
  2. Newbie question. I'm building a dedicated TBM 900 cockpit to scale and as lifelike as possible. Is there a way to make the gear indicator lights (any dash lights for that matter) on my physical plane mimic the lights on the gear panel in the TBM 900 in xplane? I'm not expecting a huge answer here, I can research it, I just need a push in the right direction. I'm sure it involves some kind of USB controller card (recommendations?). Does it involve offsets or data refs or some kind or programming in a file somewhere? Is FSUIPC used in xplane and if so is this what I need. I know I can jus
  3. I'm just starting a project to build a TBM 900 cockpit in my basement. I'm trying to build a fairly realistic setup with mostly true dimensions. I can't find any true measurements online. I basically used dimensions I know of the garmin units and worked it backwards. It looks like the dash is about 1181mm wide. Does anyone fly or have access to a real TBM? Does anyone know the distance from the bottom of the main dash panel to the floor and the bottom of the navigational compass (window pillar) to the floor. I'm going to start building a mock up with light boards. I created this image
  4. But if you just hook it up as 1 PFD and the MFD it saves everything? It doesn't make sense to me, if you're splitting the signal externally how would the computer know the difference? Maybe the splitter is causing some kind of interference (try a different one?). Very neat setup, did you make those overhead panels and AP panels yourself? That's the most functional TBM sim I've seen yet, very impressed.
  5. How about setting it up as the PFD and MFD (2 monitor system, you said that worked very well) and instead of trying to mirror the other PFD in your computer you just take the hdmi to PFD1 and physically split it with a splitter box and send the same signal to both PFD's. Your computer would only see the PFD and MFD. The two PFD's should be showing the same thing anyhow (I'm guessing). Neat setup. Would love to see more pics. I'm thinking of doing same thing - either building my own TBM setup with 3 screens or just buying the realsimgear tbm package (just doesn't seem wide enough for a TBM
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