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    Awesome job, thanks so much. Nice seeing how many Challengers are around on Vatsim
  1. Problem fixed. Copilot side foot well breaker panel, reset the DCP 1 fuse. Still no idea what caused it, but at least it is fixed.
  2. Any ideas on how to fix this? FCOM says its a DC ESS BUS problem but the page indicates nothing, no breakers are popped. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Nice work, any chance you could paint the reg in a version rather than having a generated one? Would be great for AMD users
  4. I use default weather with ASXP, and still have flashing. Synthetic vision is always off.
  5. Twice now I have parked up and shut down, however twice the aircraft has loaded me in on approach when opening the game the day after. Really annoying as I have to reload all the fuel. Spawn in, aircraft is a few nm out of the runway, and I am walking around a flying FBO. Log of the load has been attached. Used to work fine but now twice in the morning it hasn't worked. Aircraft fuelled and parked up yesterday What I see loading in After manually setting spawn location, the state lists this: Log.txt
  6. 21.8.2 - no change in flickering
  7. Got a source for this? Would get an nvidia card too but prices are crazy and I spent most of my cash on this. Gonna install 21.8.2 and see.
  8. Comes and goes for me too, but no rhythm or reason I can see. Really hope this is fixed, as whilst its somewhat bearable on the interior, the exterior affects are completely destroyed by it.
  9. Same here, not using volumetric clouds.
  10. Can get pretty bad for me - https://streamable.com/zqew7o I really hope AMD get to fixing this... I have sent them a support request. I am on the latest AMD drivers, on the RX 580.
  11. I do apologise - I mean some of these sliders when using the IXEG are turned down to around 60% - I am wondering if this is for sound balancing?
  12. Thanks, think it's down to winds combined with the flaky vnav - using the banana and vs to get down now
  13. Will do when I am down - note that confirm checklist item is working fine, as is using the menu actions.
  14. Log.txt And again. Hit my next checklist item key on my joystick, and it crashes.
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