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  1. Is there anyway to stop the blades? I use self loading cargo, and the windmilling props mean that it doesn't detect stopped engines. They take a good few minutes to stop. Thanks!
  2. Figured it out - seems like only some knobs are scrollable, whilst others are click and drag.
  3. Just bought and downloaded the saab, however I cannot scroll on knobs, only drag them. In addition, I can only seem to reach the gizmo windows by going via the gizmo plugin - is there an easier way to do this? Using the latest Gizmo version. Thanks
  4. That has worked! Thank you so much.
  5. Thank you! I shall try editing that. Appreciate it.
  6. Game crashed. When i loaded back in the thing was on fire. I don’t want to create a new airframe as I have wear on other parts that is accurate. thanks
  7. Anyway I can get more fuel on, or a mod that would allow it? Currently flying across the world, and want to do LA to Hawaii. thanks!
  8. Anyway to do this? Had a game error that caused the engine to blow up. Would like to change the amount spent to be accurate again. thanks!
  9. Is there a quick guide on how to use it? Do I want to keep it in the blue? Thank you!
  10. Is there anyway to set this? Thanks!
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